29 July 2020

5 Things to Do After Your Exams

After studying books after books coupled with endless research and completing countless past-year papers, exams are finally over! You’ve probably forgotten the things you’ve learned the minute you stepped out of the exam hall, whether digital or not, just to make room for the next semester.

Until the start of the next semester, here’s a list of what you can do, if you haven’t already scheduled all your plans post-exams.

1. Hit Snooze and Sleep In

It’s only deserving that you catch up on all your lost sleep after late nights of endless studying and stressing on whether you can retain all you’ve studied.

So hit that snooze button, recuperate all you need, and savour this moment where you can relax and unwind while you can!

2. Celebratory Meal

What’s better than celebrating the end of exams than with a well-deserving meal?

After having your proper meals replaced by snacks, instant noodles, and fast food, all in the name of accommodating your study time, treat yourself to a pleasant meal with your friends without feeling the guilt and need to study. 

PS: Remember to practise social distancing and reduce the amount of public places you visit.

3. Catch Up on Everything You Missed

Exam fever may have caused you to feel all kinds of guilt after finding yourself scrolling aimlessly through social media, watching the latest episode of your favourite series, or catching up on anything that’s not related to your studies.

Now that you’re free to enjoy these things again, go ahead and re-activate your Instagram and Facebook accounts or binge-watch those episodes guilt-free till the start of your next semester!

4. Clean Your Room

Probably the only time you’re ‘excused’ from having your room turned upside down is during exam season because ain’t nobody got time for that.

Now that you no longer need your lecture and revision notes, clear that eye sore on your table and store it all away until the next semester begins.

Tip: If it’s your last semester, consider selling the materials you’re no longer using. After all, a little bit of cash wouldn’t hurt anyone!

5. Get Dressed and Get Some Sun

While we’re still allowed to go out and about, it’s time to crawl out of your study cave, get dressed, and soak up the sun. Whether it’s enjoying an ice cream or digging out your exercise clothes to head to the gym, use this free time to head out and enjoy some fresh air. 

Looking for more adventure? Even though you can’t book the next international flight for your next vacay, you can still go on a road trip with your besties. 

BONUS: Try Something New!

By now, you’ve probably had your fair share of time to relax. So why not do something out of your comfort zone and realise your biggest dreams by trying something new while your nose is not buried under your books?

Take up a new language, contribute an article for a magazine, learn how to invest in stocks at a young age, or apply for a job! The world is your oyster to explore.

Tip: Regardless of what you choose to do, try documenting it in a blog or journal to keep track of your progress.

Whatever you’re planning to do, give yourself a pat on the back for all the hard work put in because you survived! (Yay!)

Take care, stay safe, and have all the fun you can!

Ailyn Low