05 June 2018

A Visit From Japan

Two Japanese students spent several weeks at the Lakeside Campus assisting colleagues in the Global Mobility Office, and experienced firsthand all the diversity that Malaysia has to offer.

(L-R) Taylor’s Ken Tin Ping Kan with Momoka Murata and Motoki Kagawa in KL

Every year, two students from Doshisha University in Japan come to Taylor’s University to do a short internship in the Global Mobility Office (GMO). This year, Momoka Murata and Motoki Kagawa headed from Japan to Malaysia for 3-week experience. As Momoka Murata pointed out, “This was my first ever visit to Malaysia”, and so everything was very new to me”, addingt hat , “ we really appreciated having a local ‘buddy’ who took us around”.


This year the two students helped out with the hosting of a group of students from Aarhus in Denmark. They also assisted with the preparation of an upcom ing ‘Summer School’ programme and also helped with organising a meeting with universities from Japan. Reflecting in their time at Taylor’s University, Momoka Murata said , “During our stay in Taylor’s university, we met and communicated with a lot of people from various cultures.

We absorbed so many new ideas and widened our perspectives by spending much time with new people. This kind of experience was very valuable for us because we could not have many opportunities to talk with people from so many different cultures in Japan”. That diversity was also a feature of their local experiences. As Motoki Kagawa commented, “We also went to a lot of places around KL and could feel that KL has many different faces.


You can see not only skyscrapers but also religious spots, big parks, local markets, Chinatown, Little India and other interesting places. This is different from Japan and very unique to KL, so we were amazed with all that diversity around the city”, she going onto add that, “through this internship, I also met a lot of new people from different cultures. I found both differences and similarities. This experience has helped me to understand how important it is to respect those differences and be open-minded.


From now on, I hope to take advantage of what I learned here. Lastly, I am so grateful for the all people that I met at Taylor’s. They made my stay here satisfying and unforgettable. Thank you very much! Terima Kasih :) ”. Taylor’s University has had a longstanding relationship with Doshisha University, and we have also hosted their staff members in previous years.

The Taylor's Team