26 March 2020

ADTP Summer 2020 Semester

To all US returning students, this is a chance for you to continue studying with us for about 10 credit hours and transfer these credits to your current university without wasting your time and money.

Every year, there will be a moderate number of Malaysian returning students join our ADTP summer semester to take various modules. We offer a wide range of modules from various majors, such as liberal arts, humanities, fine arts, business, Engineering, sciences, Mathematics and computer science for you to choose from.

All the modules are highly transferable as the students will consult with their current university regarding the acceptance of the modules that they plan to study at Taylor’s ADTP. For your kind information, most of the US universities would recommend their students to do a few modules in ADTP during their summer break in Malaysia. Meanwhile, you may also help to disseminate this information to your course mates and friends who are going to return to our beloved country, Malaysia.

The Summer-2020 semester will commence on 18 May and end 18 July, with 1 week of final exam up to 24 July. 

Please feel free to contact the ADTP Program Director, Dr. Loh Kah Heng (email address:, or call 60356295404) should you have further enquiries.

Attached here is a copy of Timetable for our Summer 2020 Semester: 

The Taylor's Team