Co-Teaching using Google Meet

Education institutions may need to be shut down amidst the Covid-19 pandemic but learning does not have to be halted. During this period of crisis, Taylors’ academics are utilizing various online teaching and learning platforms to sustain student-directed and life-long learning. 

Dr. Lee Yee Ling and Ms. Kasthoori Naidu adopted Google Meet to co-teach post-graduate students of Master in Teaching and Learning (MTL) program, School of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences and Leisure Management, Taylor’s University. Google Meet is a video-conferencing app which allows G Suite users to organize meetings with up to 100 participants.

Beyond the usual co-teaching pedagogy (i.e. sharing lesson plan, teaching resources, and delivery of lessons), Dr. Lee and Ms. Kasthoori demonstrated how co-teaching could happen in a virtual learning environment. The instructors scheduled an online lesson in advance and shared the meeting code with the students. Dr. Lee, as the meeting organizer, used the screen-sharing features for class discussion. Hence, students were able to view the presentation slides as well as the lecturers and peers.

Dr. Lee also video recorded the whole lesson and shared it with the students so that they would be able to view the session once again in their own time, in order to clear doubts or obtain better understanding.  

However, in the real-time virtual classroom, both instructors were equally responsible and accountable for the lesson. Content was presented by both Dr. Lee and Ms. Kasthoori. In instances where students posed questions or needed in-depth elaboration, both lecturers were equally responsive and built on each other’s explanation or highlighted the important points mentioned by the other. The instructors also complemented each other by bringing up information one had missed and elaborating from different perspectives. The students benefited from this online co-teaching as they were coached by two instructors synchronously and were able to obtain expanded views from them both.

Moving forward, Dr. Lee and Ms. Kasthoori would adopt other interactive approaches such as integrating Google slides to allow collaboration in the same presentation.