Opinion piece
25 July 2018

Creating Her Own Success Story

Janice Chai, former Foundation in Communication student.

Since young, Janice decided to be successful in life and went after her goals relentlessly ever since. 

Her decision was made after attending conferences like the annual National Achiever’s Congress with her brother and parents where she met inspiring figures such as Randi Zurkerberg and Dr. John Demartini.   

“It made me realise the struggles they go through in order to achieve success. Their passion and positivity in life were infectious. While I often thought how good their life is, I’d never known their real story until I heard about them in the congress. It opened my eyes,” Janice said.  

At 15, Janice signed up for Starstruck, a teen journalism programme by The Star publication. By end of the second year, she was one of ten selected writers who rotated at different desks from News and Metro to R.AGE and Education in the one-month programme. 

“During one of my assignments, I made a mistake and misspelled a name in an article. That person was enraged but I did my best to handle that situation well and it turned out good in the end, serving as an invaluable learning experience for me,” Janice admitted.

While most 17-year-olds minimised their responsibilities to focus on SPM, Janice took up more roles. On top of executing duties required as Head Prefect for the second year, she also ran the Tennis Club and IT & Photography as president. 

Right after the exams, she joined a modelling agency by Runway Productions for 5 months and auditioned for “The Fortunettes, A Retro Musical” at Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC). Regardless of how difficult it was, she completed the musical and it was a great experience.

She then took up Foundation in Communication at Taylor’s University, joined the Unilever Future Leaders’ League Competition with her brother; AIESEC as a marketing executive; and two beauty pageants— Miss Earth and Miss All Nations.

In these activities, Janice never walked away empty handed. The Unilever Future Leaders’ League Competition is a global business case competition where students have a chance to create real impact with Unilever’s top brands by designing innovative solutions to real business challenges. Janice’s team won First Runner Up and iPads. She was also named Miss Earth Air 2017 and Miss Malaysia All Nations then competed in Nanjing, China.      

"Both pageants raise awareness on environmental issues which is why I got interested to join them in the first place - to make a positive impact and do our part to preserve Mother Earth," said Janice. 

“There were days when I felt overwhelmed especially after the Unilever Competition, when I was involved in BRATs and had my final exam. The week after was Miss All Nations. I didn’t really have much time to study so I asked myself, ‘What if I just lived a normal student life? It’d be so much easier’,” she added.

“However,” she added. “after looking back, I don’t really regret being involved in all these things because I felt like there are so much more to explore in life instead of just studying. My life would otherwise be quite empty.”

Despite her hectic year, Janice graduated from her foundation programme with an impressive CGPA of 3.9. 

The Taylor's Team