26 March 2020

Cynthia: A Dancer’s lifestyle in Taylor’s University

What do you get when you put a passionate dancer in a university? You get Cynthia’s lifestyle happening here in Taylor’s.

Cynthia Dewi Sarjono, an Indonesian student studying Bachelor of Culinary Arts, is an aspiring dancer who is currently pursuing both her passion and career here in Taylor’s University.

Upon being asked about her lifestyle as a dancer and as a student here, she shares with us why dance is her passion and how it has positively impacted her life.

“It gives its own vibes and it can hype the audience without having to speak.”

She feels happy as dance can bring up the mood and release emotions. She says it’s empowering being able to have a wide range of movements - whether beautiful or ugly - to express herself. Being able to interact with dancers via movements allows her to show what she can do and vice versa.

Finding an outlet to express her passion via the Taylor’s Lakeside Dance Club (TLDC), she leaped at the chance to expand her repertoire and shares with us how she has benefitted from it. She has gotten more opportunities to go for competitions, performances, and gained a lot of exposure by further integrating herself into the dance scene due to her involvement in the club. When she became Vice President of TLDC, she learnt to be more decisive, disciplined, and to think one step ahead. As a leader, she weighs potential consequences in her decision making that may affect TLDC and guides her teammates accordingly. She may still be soft-spoken, but she can be decisive and strict if she needs to be! 

“Ever since I became someone that people look up to, I keep myself disciplined and try to become a good example for my juniors.”

However, dancing hasn’t only improved Cynthia’s life on a personal level. According to Cynthia, the benefits she has reaped from dance have been integrated into her culinary life. She explains how dancing has helped her in the culinary kitchen suites.

“Studying culinary means working in the kitchen for hours and it can be exhausting. Since dancing requires muscle strength and balance, I feel I’ve become stronger and don't get tired easily. I feel I’ve improved my reflexes, like being able to catch myself before falling whenever I trip or being able to move faster to catch something I nearly dropped. Sounds funny, but I do feel the difference before and after I did dance.”

Whether Cynthia decides to dance, cook, or somehow accomplishes work-life integration and becomes a dancing chef, she says her happiness is of her utmost priority.

“Just to be happy is enough for me”

The Taylor's Team