Opinion piece
20 June 2018

Discarding Anger From His Life

William Allen, Bachelor of Computing & IT 

The down-to-earth William was once easily provoked by the littlest things. It may be a car swerving into his lane or a simple conversation gone wrong. However, today, the twenty-year-old has turned over a new leaf.

For the Indonesian who hails from Surabaya, he struggled with his emotions constantly and allowed them to rule over him. Too often, he reacted to situations rather than respond towards them.

“Once I get mad at something, my day is ruined!” the animated William said.

So, what exactly changed for William?

“I joined Lifeskills. It’s a mandatory subject for all first year degree students starting 2018,” said William. "That's where I met my facilitator, Ms. Suba."

“One day, there was this topic discussed about Emotional Quotient and Intelligence Quotient, better known as EQ or IQ and something just sort of connected to my heart.”

Instead of merely allowing lessons to be just lessons, William applied his learnings into his life. He learnt to think first before he acts. He learnt to ‘chill’ before doing something he regrets.

“So far, it’s working rather well,” William said.

The young computing student has moved up another level by addressing issues via confrontation rather than avoiding them to prevent misunderstandings.

“I feel like a better person now after addressing these major areas in my life,” William added.

“I’d totally recommend this class, especially the focus exercise after a stressful, intensive class like Math,” he laughed as he described how Lifeskills helped him survive his Fridays.

William hasn’t been home for a year. He can’t wait to see his family again this Raya and show them his new self.

The Taylor's Team