Embracing Learning Technologies During the Covid-19 Outbreak

During the period of COVID-19 outbreak and transferring all face-to-face classes to online learning platforms, the remaining topics in the Research Methodology class have been lectured and discussed using different tools and methods to ensure the continuity of teaching and learning, and to mitigate the risk of interruption for the students.

All remaining sessions were recorded (four videos) using AcuConsole software and ReWIND-On-The-Go platform by the lecturer and uploaded to TIMeS as an effective platform for online communications between students and lecturers in Taylor’s University. In addition, for each session, a few supporting materials and videos were provided to ensure that the students fully understand the topic.

An online session via Zoom was conducted as a final session of class to recap all topics covered in this module. Q&A and discussion of some important topics in more details were also done upon the request of the students.

In the Research Methodology class, the students should submit two individual assignments and present one group presentation for continuous assessment, as well as the final exam. The two individual assignments were submitted as usual through TIMeS. The students were given a chance either to prepare a video of their group presentation and submit it along with their slides and reports, or present it via Zoom.

The slides and reports show the process of working together and, along with the submitted video or online presentation via Zoom, are evaluated for group presentation. The final exam used to be a closed-book exam in every semester, and in this period, the final exam was converted to an innovative method, and the students were asked to come out with a revised proposal based on the lecturer’s comment and submit via TIMeS.

Using all explained method for online learning and teaching, as well as the method of assessments, all promised MLOs for this module can be achieved in a perfect way. 


Student can access all the e-Learning materials for the class on TIMeS.

Dr. Mostafa conducted his class online and student were able to access the recorded lecture session through ReWIND.

Dr. Mostafa sharing some guides with students on some top-tier research papers for the class.

Online discussion was conducted through Zoom, where students can share their ideas with other peers.