28 July 2020

Hall of Fame for Bachelor of Interior Architecture

For many institutions, a degree is a simple gateway to equip you with the essentials for a professional career. Here at Taylor’s University, a degree does so much more than that. It gives you a platform to sharpen your potential in becoming the high achiever you’re meant to be. 

Here are some of our successful Taylorians from the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Interior Architecture (BIA) at Taylor’s Design School (TDS) and the numerous awards that they’ve won.


The challenging opportunities presented during my enrollment in the BIA programme at Taylor’s University have trained me both mentally and physically prior to my professional industry practice.

Taylor’s University has provided various working opportunities to prepare me for the industry ahead. The skills and knowledge gained throughout my BIA programme have taught me to produce designs that go beyond the surface.

Experimenting with different creative mediums and artistic approaches is one of the many ways to become a successful and creative interior designer. My way of designing is always thinking out of the box and exploring ways to make the impossible possible while designing with a great deal of passion.

This passion is what drives me, as an interior designer, to create solutions for my clients by incorporating art and technology to overcome challenges that I face during the design phase. This is the mentality that we should have.


My 3.5 years in the BIA programme has expanded my thoughts on interior design which I believe involves looking deeper into human behaviour, psychology & site context, history, etc to develop human-centric and creative design solutions that may intensify, reactivate, and provoke the unique qualities of the local culture, human behaviour, and context.

With its unconventional yet well-rounded teaching method, my experience in TDS has helped me to be more confident in what I'm doing — to be focused on achieving a greater result while eliminating self-doubt and also to be bolder while exploring and experimenting with new things.

As a designer, never stop exploring and observing. Always push boundaries, challenge the norm, and work outside the comfort zone as well as knowledge set. Most importantly, always be mindful of the implication of your design towards human and environment.


Throughout my study in TDS, I was exposed to various scenarios that gave me insights into the evolving nature of the interior architecture industry. Besides, I was also exposed to engaging social and cultural issues through fictional narratives and performances that give a sensual quality and meaningful messages into the spatial design process. 

Fast-changing lifestyles have turned interior architecture to evolve beyond traditional boundaries — offering a new perspective on the changing nature of practice and helping people to experience the world better.


I obtained my Diploma in Interior Design in 2013, later finishing the BIA with first-class honours.

I'm humbled and honoured beyond words to have won several awards and worked for an award-winning architectural company during my studies. I was working in the Maldives as a full-time Interior Architect before going to Australia to pursue my master’s degree.

I'd like to thank the Design School lecturers and tutors for their valuable input and fun learning experience which provided me with many wonderful opportunities that led me to excel in my studies as a Taylorian. The balance between academic learning, taking part in competitions, and thinking out of the box at TDS has given me newfound confidence and a career far beyond my expectations.

TDS has a reputation for winning many prestigious competitions over the years and undoubtedly it will continue to do so in the future. 

Always believe in your design and give your 100% in whatever you do. Your design should excite you, calm you, and make you go crazy in a good way when you believe in it. That's how you'll get the confidence to sell your design. 


Studying BIA has allowed me to express creativity in so many ways besides just rendering models for interior architecture. From designing furniture to storytelling through videos, I was only able to achieve what I did because of the opportunities laid out before me.

To be honest, I was not 100% interested in participating in the first place. However, through the guidance of the lecturers, who encouraged me by saying that my design had potential, made me push through, and it all worked out well in the end.

To anyone still doubtful about pursuing interior architecture and design, I highly encourage you to do so because it's one of the most diverse programmes you'll ever experience.

It's way more than just designing houses. I've explored the most bizarre subject matters (eg. movies, VR/AR tech, drones, and even bats!) to turn into interior spaces. So, if you are adventurous and your head is filled with wild ideas, consider interior architecture. You'll see your imagination come to life.


TDS has always been very open-minded and creative. I completed both Foundation in Design and BIA at Taylor’s University and the way the lecturers taught was an eye-opener.

I not only learned how to express my inner emotions through art but also found the uniqueness of my interpretation in design work. The lecturers taught us that in the journey of design, we should be brave to be ourselves and innovate constantly to design something constructive for society.

Be brave, be determined, be consistant. These are the words that push me to move on and achieve my dreams. 

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The Taylor's Team