14 October 2020

It's a Coffee Date!

In the 2nd episode of our Taylor’s Podcast series, our Taylorians shared their experience using online dating apps. Whether you’re pro online dating or prefer the traditional way of finding dates, you’d have to go through that scary first date with someone that you’re interested in.

There’s no better way to get to know a person than bringing him or her out for a coffee date. Not only is it casual enough to remove that first date pressure, you’ll also be able to see how they interact with the waiter and observe their table manners, all while having a casual chat before you head off to your next class or home. 

Here are some of our picks around campus to get to know each other over a good cup of coffee!

1. Richiamo

Conveniently located in the library, Richiamo isn’t just the perfect place for a tea-time date, it also acts as a wake-me-up after your classes before you head to a meet-up! And if a date here goes well, you may even progress to some after-date activities — a study session, of course!

Consider this: 

It may get a bit crowded and noisy since it’s a hot spot on campus for many students so remember to pick a spot that isn’t too exposed and open.

2. Norwegian Cafe

Just further down from the library’s entrance sits a small food kiosk that may not seem like a fancy place as compared to the others in the list. But don’t be deceived by its looks! They serve yummy small bites and bigger meals at an affordable price, making up for the lack of ambience. A perfect place for a first casual meet-up that could potentially lead to a fancier second.

Consider this: 

If the lack of ambience isn’t something you can work with, get creative and turn it into a picnic by the lake! Just tapao (takeaway) your food and head over to your favourite place around campus. The best part? You can get food from any stall you fancy!

3. Aspresso

Located in Syopz mall, Aspresso serves quality coffee, tea, all-day breakfast, and other meals in a casual yet classy-minimalist ambience. It’s the perfect place for a first date that could potentially lead you to a second! Plus, it’s air-conditioned so you wouldn’t have to worry about any nervous sweat stains on your clothes.


If you’re looking to have a longer get-to-know-you session, order a pot of tea. They give free refills!

4. Starbucks

No list about coffee places on campus would be complete without Starbucks in it! With the familiarity of a brand and environment we all know, you’d be better in control of your nerves. Also, the newly-renovated Starbucks would be a great place for your first date photo!


Going on that first online date? Here’s what you need to know before heading to meet your date.

5. Grab Fresh

Situated a row behind Aspresso, Grab Fresh is a great place if you’re looking to sneak in a quick lunch date as it doesn’t get too crowded and food is served fast. Besides, if you or your date are #CoffeeLovers, then you’re in for a real treat! Not only is their freshly roasted coffee of premium quality, the shop is filled with its smell too!

Did I mention that they have some board games for you to play? Perfect for breaking the ice!


In collaboration with Grab Fresh, we gave out free coffee during International Women’s Day. If the happy faces on these girls isn’t a testimony to their delicious coffee, I don’t know what is!

And even if you’re not on a date, these coffee spots make a good place for a get-together with friends, a study session, and even some quality personal time for a quick recharge during your hectic day!

Final tip: 

Since we’re still not out of the woods with the COVID-19 pandemic just yet, why not go on a digital date with some of these fun ideas!

Ailyn Low