Jobs Out There For Me: Culinology

With a Degree in Culinology, you’re opening an array of different career pathways that marries food and science together.

Did you know that you can build a career in food that incorporates science into it?

Introducing Culinology — the blending of culinary arts and the science of food. While this programme gives you the know-how of what food product development and the food and beverage industry is all about, are you aware of the different kinds of careers available to you once you’ve graduated?

Here are 4 career opportunities you could land with a Degree in Culinology based on your interest.

1. If you like researching and developing…

Find out more about the role of a Food Product Developer or Food Product Development Scientist

In this role, you’d perform tasks related like designing and developing new and healthy food products to meet the current trends to fulfill consumers’ demands. You could also be researching, developing, and improving innovative recipes that may need to satisfy a specific condition. 

When exploring this role, remember it requires extremely high standards of cleanliness and safety, being creative with your problem-solving skills, and the ability to work in teams. With great demands, comes great rewards, especially when seeing your product commercialised and used.

2. If you like strategising and planning…

A role as a Product & Formulation Specialist may suit you. 

In this role, you’ll be utilising your knowledge in culinary and science of food to fix the product quality in terms of taste, texture, and product shelf-life. You’d also be keeping a close eye on market trends so that you and your team can come up with new products that meet the demands of your consumers.

When exploring this role, keep in mind that you’d need to be attentive towards all other team members in ensuring that your product goes out successfully. Good communication skills, creativity, and being able to manage tight deadlines are important for this role.

Jobs Out There For Me: Culinology

How can majoring in Culinology help you with the career you have in mind? Find out more here.

3. If you’ve got an eye for detail and rules...

Consider a role as a Food Quality Assurance & Manufacturing Operation Consultant.

This is a role where you’d have to be highly knowledgeable and familiar with the food safety regulations of a particular country. You’d also need to identify good practices and potential hazards and risks. You may also be involved in coming up with action plans for any possible issues in line with the food safety standard and regulation including developing Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) for a company’s manufacturing plant.

As you explore this role, remember that there'll be a lot of communication with other companies. While you’re doing that, you’d also need to be organised and strict when it comes to ensuring and maintaining good practices within a company to avoid any potential issues.

4. If you like the heat of the kitchen...

Find out more about how you can become a Culinary Research Chef or Application Chef.

Stepping away from cooking in a typical restaurant kitchen, this role would require you to work in a centralised kitchen or a mass production kitchen, which usually supplies to F&B chains, food delivery, inflight meal, and etc, ensuring the quality of the menu or food remains consistent.

As a culinary research or application chef, you’d also need to be highly creative and innovative as you’d be utilising the company’s products and ingredients to create new menus, incorporating your knowledge of flavour pairing. Besides, you’d get the chance to apply the latest cooking technology such as cook-chill or cook-freeze system.

Jobs Out There For Me: Culinology

These are just some career opportunities that a Degree in Culinology can open up for you as it develops your knowledge and skills in the food product development industry. 

By strengthening your research and development skills, mastering kitchen practices, and getting real-life experience through internships, Taylor’s Culinology programme will open doors for you even before you graduate.

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