Keep Connecting, Learning, and Sharing The Knowledge During the Pandemic

The coronavirus has prohibited the physical classes in various countries but is unable to stop the learning and teaching activities at Taylor’s University. By utilizing the e-learning platforms, such as TIMeS (Moodle), Zoom, and Kahoot, the university strives to minimize the negative impact on our student’s learning process.

Using the e-learning platform, a lecturer can deliver the lesson and interact with students instantly. Yet, the traditional classroom activities can also be conducted virtually. For example, using Zoom, a lecturer can assign students into the breakout room to have group discussion, Kahoot allows the lecturer to use an online game to refresh the student knowledge or stimulating their curiosity for further research, or even having an online test on TIMeS. Students can ask and share their opinions and are not limited verbally on these e-learning platforms, they can text the lecturer instantly as well. This makes the students interact with the class and lecturer more actively than the traditional teaching method. 

Kahoot, a gamification quiz engaging platform was used during e-learning to increase engagement with students.

Student were participating in group discussion where they shared their views and perspective for the programme. 

Students having class discussion online.