23 March 2018

Professor Mike Keppell Joins Taylor’s University from Australia

Professor Mike Keppell Joins Taylor’s University from Australia as the New Pro Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching. The introduction of the Taylor’s Curriculum Framework (TCF) will see Prof Mike Keppel leading innovations that can support student learning.

Pro. Dr Mike Keppell at Centre for Future Learning

Professor Mike Keppell has recently joined Taylor’s University from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne (Australia), where he was the Pro Vice-Chancellor (PVC) for Learning Transformations. As the new PVC for Learning and Teaching at Taylor’s University (TU), he heads the Centre for Future Learning which is focused on the provision of relevant, innovative, and holistic teaching and learning experiences for staff and students. Centre for Future Learning has four departments: Teaching and Educational Development (TED), Student Development (SD), Student Success Centre (SSC) and eLearning Academy (eLA). 

He pointed out that, “I am excited about joining Taylor’s and working with my colleagues in Centre for Future Learning which is committed to supporting the University, Faculties, Schools, and individual academic staff in transforming teaching and learning to achieve excellence in teaching and learning quality. We will lead and support curriculum transformation, transformational learning and teaching through blended learning and learning-oriented assessment”. He added that, “Student development focuses on providing a holistic broad-based student curriculum through our innovative SHINE Program. We will also help to assure student success through student and parent orientations, and through a better understanding of our learning analytics”. Originally from the Australia, Prof Mike Keppell has an international academic background.

He has worked at several universities in Australia and Hong Kong, and he also completed both his Masters and PhD at the University of Calgary in Canada. He brings with him a strong research and scholarship background in higher education, educational technology and innovative learning design. He has edited three books, authored over 100 peer-reviewed publications, and worked on research projects valued at A$16m. He brings with him to TU international recognition and academic thought leadership in the areas of personalised learning, blended learning, the design of learning spaces, higher education pedagogy, the use of new educational technologies as well as transformative learning using design-based research. He commented that, “I am passionate about learning and teaching. I have been an academic developer for many years and designed institution-wide professional development with a focus on learning design via the creation of award winning educational resources that integrate into the curriculum. I look forward to contributing to the next phase of the introduction and development of the Taylor’s Curriculum Framework (TCF)”.

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