28 November 2018

Taylor’s Group CMO Wins Best Marketer 2018 In The Edu And Training Category

The Group Chief Marketing Officer of Taylor’s University, Mr. Ben Foo, was recently voted best marketer in the Education & Training category at the inaugural Malaysian CMO Awards 2018. This category applauds outstanding marketers and their high-powered teams who have raised the bar in today’s education and training sector with messages that inspire young learners to empower their careers with the right education.

(Pictured in the middle is Group Chief Marketing Officer of Taylor's University, Mr. Ben Foo)

The eight-member judging panel, made up of corporate chieftains and industry titans recognised the inventive contribution of Ben Foo and his visionary experts in transforming the conventional open day of a private university into one that is experientially beneficial to prospective students.
“My prolific MarComms squad turned the typical university Open Day weekends upside down by reinventing it from a sales-driven event into a purposeful, future-looking, immersive all-rounded university experience. It was named - Future Movement,” explained Ben. The movement was conceptualised from an insight that young people want a safe space to dabble in assorted academic disciplines, explore various career possibilities and have a partner that would future-proof them. The Future Movement fulfilled this need by providing an unprecedented opportunity to experience how Taylor’s is blending interdisciplinary education for the new generation of learners.
Ben attributed his success to the extraordinary Taylor’s Marketing & Communications professionals, who he claims are the unseen giants that are constantly challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries of the higher education industry. “They make education real, fun, engaging and relevant. I received this award on behalf of my amazing, world changing team,” added Ben.

The Taylor's Team