23 April 2020

Taylor’s School of Education Provides e-Learning Materials to Groups of B40-M20

As the nation deals with the COVID-19 crisis, children are forced to stay home and away from their main source of education. While many students are fortunate to have access to WiFi for a variety of e-Learning platforms at home, others do not have a similar advantage. 

To ensure that learning continues at home, Taylor’s School of Education has kickstarted a noble initiative to supplement children within the B40 to M20 group with free e-learning materials

When the Movement Control Order (MCO) commenced in March, the Head of the School of Education, Dr Logendra Stanley, together with his team of lecturers took upon themselves to reach out to students with limited learning resources

With that in mind, they developed a series of videos in the national language to be delivered to the B40 to M20 group. Among the lessons provided include basic English, Mathematics, and Science for school children. 

With the help of Taylor’s Community, the educational videos have been shared to as many as 43 families via WhatsApp and Telegram channels. 

The initiative proved to be fruitful as the videos are well-received by all of the families as they found the content insightful, with the Parent’s Involvement Module receiving the best response followed by Maths, Science, and English. The recipients also appreciate the content as parents can now be involved in the children’s learning.         

Prior to these videos, Taylor’s Community has also rolled out other e-Learning programmes and provided other essential resources such as food to the community in need.


Josephine Serena