07 June 2018

Taylor’s University Collaborates with Global Coffee Resources

Taylor’s University recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Global Coffee Resources (GCR) to form a strategic partnership in research & innovation, education & training and as well as promotion of Degayo Coffee.

Dr. Toney K Thomas, Head of School, School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events; Dr. Neethiahnanthan Ari Ragavan, Executive Dean, Faculty of Hospitality, Food & Leisure Management; Jasen Lee, Managing Director, Global Coffee Resources; and  Darwin Arriega, Vice President of Business Development, Global Coffee Resources signing the Memorandum of Understanding.

Degayo Coffee has a rich family history that dates back to the 1920s. The coffee plantation has added into the culture value of the area as some traditional methods are still practised in order to maintain and sustain its culture. Degayo Coffee Group has become one of the leading premium coffee beans producer in the region with direct owned facilities from farm processing plant, sorting/ grading warehouse, coffee roasting facility, professional barista training academy and distributor of imported coffee equipment.

The MOU encompasses, among others, Global Coffee Resources commitments to provide curriculum input, provide expertise into Taylor’s coffee course incorporated in “Beverage Studies”; conduct accreditation for Taylor’s lecturers to become certified barista under the Degayo Coffee and Specialty Coffee Association education pathways; co-organise internal and external hospitality and culinary coffee based competitions; and assist and coach Taylor’s students in coffee competitions held locally and worldwide.

Among Taylor’s University’s commitments include conduct workshops for students through DeGayo coffee; co-develop professional trainings on coffee based products and drinks with GCR; conduct social and professional researches related to coffee; and to provide full exclusivity to GCR to provide mini-credentials to Taylor’s students to acknowledge skills and knowledge development related to coffee and barista, among others.

Executive Dean for Taylor’s Faculty of Hospitality, Food & Leisure Management Dr. Neethiahnanthan Ari Ragavan said, “This is a strategic partnership and the collaboration is especially meant for students to learn more about coffee, a rapidly growing industry where 2.25 billion cups of coffee a day are consumed. It is an industry that provides an amazing business opportunity to our students. I look forward to a successful collaboration with Global Coffee Resources.”

Jasen Lee, Managing Director of Global Coffee Resources who was present at the signing ceremony said that the MOU is significant to training and certification in the F&B industry. “Coffee is an “experience” beverage and the challenge is that coffee consumption has changed. GCR will provide workshops for Taylor’s students so they will understand and learn the skills involved in every aspect of coffee. We believe Taylor’s University will be the leading coffee training institute in Asia.”

Dr. Neethia added that Coffee outlets were the fastest growing major restaurant category in terms of global sales. While all regions will see strong growth in the category, Asia Pacific forecasted to be home to the largest sales increase in specialist coffee outlets, totalling over US$3.7 billion dollars. This unrivalled business growth in the future provides greater employment and entrepreneurial opportunity for graduate in the field of hospitality.

Also present at the ceremony were Darwin Arriega, Degayo Coffee farm owner, and Frans Duinisveld, coffee farm Manager, from Indonesia.

The Taylor's Team