Taylor’s University Professor Invited to Speak at the “International Forum on Tourism Education” in China

Associate Professor Frederic Bouchon spoke at Sun Yet Sen University about the challenges facing the development of tourism education across ASEAN.

Dr Frederic Bouchon speaking at the Int’l Forum on Tourism Education at Sun Yet Sen University

Sun Yat Sen University (Zhong Shan Da Xue) hosted the annual China Tourism Education Association 2017conference in conjunction with the International Forum on Tourism Education in Guangzhou (China). A wide range of invited international speakers and delegates came from universities in Europe and North America, as well as from countries within the Asia-Pacific region (such as Australia, NZ, Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Malaysia) in addition to the 600 delegates from across China.

The overarching theme of the conference was “Global Tourism Education: Changes, Challenges and Prospects”, and Associate Professor Frederic Bouchon presentation focused on “Tourism Higher Education in Malaysia and the Challenges Facing ASEAN Tourism Education”. Tourism education is facing a number of challenges. As he noted, “Globally, tourism continues to grow.

In fact, in several regions of the world are seeing a growing number of programmes - yet in many parts of Asia the shift in demographics means that there are a declining number of students
”. He also pointed out that the content and curricula of courses continues to evolve and that the increasing importance of technology and artificial intelligence are expected to substantially alter tourism services and practices.

Furthermore, environmental concerns are equally influencing the reflection on tourism studies. Drawing on his involvement with the ASEAN Travel Research Association (ATRA) network, he pointed out that, “Tourism development can impact the economic situation, but the regional variations and differences in practices require contextual understanding with global expertise in this field”.  

This Forum was also provided an opportunity for many of the leading higher education institutions in Asia to follow-up on the creation of the World Tourism Alliance that was established during the UNWTO 2017 meeting in Chengdu (China). The Faculty of Hospitality, Food and Leisure Management at Taylor’s University has been recognised in the QS World Subject Rankings for being in the Top 30 in the world, and 3rd in Asia. Taylor’s University and Sun Yat Sen are developing a strong partnership that includes activities such as mobility of students, research and programme-related engagement

The Taylor's Team