29 January 2018

Taylor’s University’s Professor Recognised by The Prestigious French National Academy of Medicine

Emeritus Professor Dr Mohammed Ismail Mohammed Noor, Emeritus Professor in Nutrition at Taylor’s University Faculty of Hospitality, Food & Leisure Management, with the Foreign Correspondent Award – Public Health he received from the prestigious French National Academy of Medicine in Paris

Emeritus Professor Dr Mohammed Ismail Mohammed Noor, Emeritus Professor in Nutrition at Taylor’s University Faculty of Hospitality, Food & Leisure Management, was recently awarded the Foreign Correspondent Award – Public Health by the prestigious French National Academy of Medicine in Paris, in recognition for his valuable contributions in scientific research in nutrition over the last four decades. The award ceremony was presided by the Academy President, Professor Claude Jaffiol and its Secretary, Professor Daniel Couturier.

Emeritus Professor Ismail is the second Malaysian to be recognised by the French Academy of Medicine, after Academician Datuk Dr Looi Lai Meng of University of Malaya, a leading authority on amyloid disease and a renowned Pathology expert.

Established in 1820, the French National Academy of Medicine focuses on contributing to the improvement of the art of healing through all fields of medical study and research.

During the award ceremony, the Academy president, Professor Jaffiol, recognised Professor Ismail as the leader of nutrition in Malaysia and as one of the main collaborators with France in the field of nutrition. In addition to his current position as Emeritus Professor in Human Nutrition at Taylor’s University, he also holds many prominent positions in national and international organisations related to research and development of nutrition. He was made Fellow of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS) in recognition of his outstanding contributions at its 18th International Congress in South Africa in September 2005. Professor Ismail is the only Malaysian to have received such recognition.

Professor Ismail is also a Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (FASc) since 2006. He is also an Executive Council member of World Obesity Federation (2014-2018), President of the Asia-Oceania Association for the study of Obesity (AOASO) 2014-2018, and President of the Malaysian Association for the Study of Obesity (MASO) 1996-2019. In addition, he is also currently the Vice-President of the Nutrition Society of Malaysia (1996-2018), Chairman of the Technical working group on Nutritional Guidelines for Malaysia (NCCFN) 1994-present, and member of numerous other committees of Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH).

“This international recognition serves to motivate me to continue my work and passion in looking for answers to help improve the nutritional status of Malaysian. I am thankful for all the support I have received from UKM (where I served for 35 years) and now Taylor’s University, to make my work possible and productive,” expressed Professor Ismail.

Professor Michael Driscoll, Vice Chancellor of Taylor’s University, congratulated Professor Ismail on the recognition, sharing that this accolade is a well deserving one given his extensive work in the field of nutrition. “This award adds another feather in his cap. Professor Ismail’s contribution over the last four decades goes a long way in improving health of Malaysians through better nutrition.”

Professor Ismail is currently leading Taylor’s University’s research looking at “environmental” and “individual” perspectives on obesity prevention and treatment, which include a Joint International Laboratory Project (LIA) with French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) on Food, Culture and Health. His other research involvement include looking at cultural and economic drivers of Protein transition; Body composition in children and adolescents; Food environment policy index (EPI) in combating obesity; Improving healthy energy balance and obesity-related behaviours, especially among pre-schoolers in Malaysia.

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