05 June 2019

Top 3 Ramadan Recipes

As Hari Raya is coming around, it is a time for many of those who celebrate to return to their roots, heading back for a celebration with their extended family. It is a time of much merriment, and of course, the taste of home with traditional, home-cooked dishes making an appearance on the festive table.

However, today's hustle and bustle of our busy study schedules often gets in the way of us creating our beloved dishes. But fret not. To help you kick your cooking up a notch, we reached out to three of our students from School of Culinary Arts and Food Studies to share with us quick ways to create our much-loved dishes that will surely impress and cater to the nostalgic cravings that you can share with your friends and families. 

So try out our specially prepared recipes for this celebration, and bring the love of the Hari Raya festivities into your very own kitchen. Taylor's wishes all of you a very happy Hari Raya with your loved ones and enjoy the recipes!


Emir's kacang botol is delicious, simple and easy to prepare - red, fresh chilies mixed with balacan and gula melaka, coated with grated coconut and aromatic red onion.

To prepare this dish, you will need:

  1. 5 red onions
  2. 4 garlic cloves
  3. 6 red chillies
  4. 20g belacan
  5. Gula Melaka
  6. Pinch of salt
  7. 75ml of cooking oil
  8. 50g of dry shrimp
  9. 100g of grated coconut
  10. 300g blanched winged beans
  11. 300g julienned green mango
  12. Calamansi juice for extra flavour


Steps to prepare:

  1. Add in 5 red onions, 4 garlic cloves, 6 red chillies 20g of belacan and gula melaka into mortal and pestle. Pound the mixed into a smooth paste. Add in a pinch of sugar too.

  2. Use a spoon to scope out the paste and put them into small bowl. 

  3. Heat up the cooking oil and saute the paste together with 50g of dry shrimp and 100g of grated cocounut until fragrant.

  4. Turn off the fire and stirred it well with 300g of blanched winged beans, 300g of julienned green mango and red onion. Remove from heat and serve.

Credit: Emir Nabil bin Abdullah from School of Culinary Arts and Food Studies


Udang Masak Lemak, or also known as Prawns in Spicy Coconut Milk gravy, is often prepared and served during reunion dinner or, at any other family gatherings. Today, Dayang Nur Hafida from School of Culinary Arts and Food studies shares with us a little twist based on her exclusive family recipe on how to prepare this simple yet appetizing and delectable dish.

To prepare this dish, you will need:

  1. Red onion
  2. Garlic
  3. Fresh turmeric
  4. Galangal
  5. Ginger
  6. Dried shrimp
  7. Lemongrass
  8. Sliced chillies
  9. Sliced pumpkin
  10. Tamarind
  11. 300g prawns, deveined
  12. Salt
  13. Fresh coconut milk

For Garnishing, you will need:

  1. 100ml oil
  2. Few slices of pumpkin
  3. Pumpkin Seed
  4. Birds eye chilli
  5. Turmeric leaf
  6. 100ml fresh milk
  7. 70ml coconut milk
Steps to prepare:
  1. In a pot of boiling water, add in the following ingredients: red onion, garlic, fresh turmeric, galangal, ginger, dried shrimp, and lastly, lemon grass and sliced chillies. Stir them well with a wooden spoon.

  2. Bring the pot to a boil and add in the sliced pumpkin. Using a wooden spoon, stir the ingredients until the sweetness of the pumpkin is released and the water starts to boil. 

  3. Turn down the heat and transfer the ingredients from the pot into a blender to purée. Once done, strain the purée through a fine sieve into a clean pot and bring the liquid to a boil. 

  4. Add in tamarind, 300g of deveined prawn, salt and fresh coconut milk. Stir them well and allow to simmer for a few minutes.

  5. For garnishing the dishes, add in 100ml of oil and separately fry the slices of pumpkin, birds eye chillies, pumpkin seed and turmeric leaf. 

  6. For the final touches, heat up 100ml of fresh milk and 70ml coconut milk in a pot. Transfer the hot liquid mixture in a tall container/jar and use an immersion blender to froth the milk.

  7. Plate your dish in the most creative way for a fancy night in and serve them hot. Bon Appetit!

Credit: Dayang Nur Hafida Awang Satiah from School of Culinary Arts and Food Studies


Satisfy your sweet tooth the guilt-free way with these Date Truffles made by Shazrizal Zul Mukhshar from School of Culinary Arts and Food Studies. Clean, nutrient-rich ingredients from bite-sized treats that will have your taste buds singing!

To prepare this dish, you will need:

  1. Pistachios
  2. Ground pistachios
  3. Whole hazelnuts
  4. Dates
  5. Rose water
  6. Desiccated Coconut
  7. Chopped Almonds 


Steps to prepare:

  1. Combine pistachios and whole hazelnuts in a small bowl and heat them up in an oven for a few minutes.

  2. Separately in a food processor, add in dates and rose water to grind until it becomes a paste. Transfer the paste onto a small plate.

  3. Using your hands, take a small amount of paste and roll them into a ball. With its sticky texture, mix the balled paste with your favourite topping such as ground pistachios, desiccated coconut and/or chopped almond.

  4. Sprinkle the toasted pistachios and hazelnuts to complete the garnishing and sweet tasty treat is now ready to serve!

Credit: Shazrizal Zul Mukhshar from School of Culinary Arts and Food Studies

The Taylor's Team