27 June 2018

Watching the Snow Fall was Magical

Eleven Taylor’s students put on their coats and scarfs and headed to Seoul for a 3-week ‘Winter School’ to learn more about Korean language and culture. 

Taylor’s Students at CAU Winter School in South Korea

“My overall experience of going on the International Winter Programme was truly memorable” said Lena Mahalingam, who was one of the eleven Taylor's University who took part in a January ‘Winter School’ at Chung Ang University (CAU) in Seoul (South Korea). The main focus of this 3-week program was on giving international students a better understanding of Korean culture and language. 

As Lena said, this short course “really gave me an insight into life in Korea, and gave us all a better understanding of their lifestyle and culture”. As Lena went onto comment, “Learning a new language is never easy – but has never been so much fun thanks to our Korean language teacher Ms. Kim Eun Jin. She was very patient and caring with us and always tried her best to help us improve our reading and speaking skills”.

The students also had a series of occasional ‘Special Lectures’, which was when the CAU lecturers addressed specific topics, such as; Korean Folklore and Culture, Inter-Korean Relations, Korean Economics, Korean Arts and also Korean Pop Culture. As she noted, “these lectures definitely gave us a better insight of what Korea is really about”. The students had class every morning and then in the afternoon they would go on a cultural activity.

As Lena commented, “One of the highlights of my trip was visiting the Gyungbokgung Palace - while it was snowing. The entire place looked so magical”. The students also got to wear a traditional hanbok, went skiing and sledding in Gangwondo. They also went shopping in Myeondong and Hongdae, and learnt the choreography of “The Mic Drop”. In total, there were about 150 students from various countries who participated in this year’s CAU ‘Winter School’.

So not only did she get so many new experiences, but as she said, “I also got to meet so many people from other countries too; such as China, Indonesia, Australia and Taiwan. It fascinated me how different we all were – yet we also shared the same interest in Korea”. As Lena reflected, “Korea was amazing, and I cannot wait to go back there”. 

The Taylor's Team