05 March 2019

The Next Step After SPM

Now that the major exam in your secondary school days is over, it is time to think about what’s next. Some of you may know what you want to pursue, while others are still debating which course they should enrol in.

If you fall in the latter category, here are some pointers for you.


Choosing a pre-university programme

When looking for a programme to enrol in, find one that suits your needs. Let us look at two entry programmes that may seem similar but are quite different – Foundation and Diploma.


You are looking for an overseas transfer option (depending on the selection of degree programme). Foundation would take a year to complete, and it is an effective way to prepare students for university life. We offer eight different foundation programmes to cater to your educational needs – six are specific Foundation programmes and two are general Foundation programmes in Arts or Science.

If you require the extra time to decide which field of study to pursue, then our Foundation in Arts or Science is a good place as it will lead you to a wide range of pathways for degree level of studies.

For those who know which area of interest to focus in, take your pick from our specific Foundation programmes.

To enrol, you will need a minimum of 5 credits (C and above) at SPM level or equivalent.


You would like to a head start in the workforce. A diploma programme will take two years to complete. As some students would want to begin their career after diploma, the syllabi are crafted to prepare them for the workforce after graduation.

To enrol, you will need a minimum of 3 credits (C and above) at SPM level or equivalent.

The main differences between these two programmes can be seen below:




Entry Requirement

5 credits (C and above) at SPM level or equivalent.

Minimum 3 credits (C and above) at SPM level or equivalent.

Academic Options

Students have the chance to explore different fields of study after foundation

Students are affixed to one field of study after diploma


1 year

2 years

Content Focus

To prepare students for the degree level of tertiary education

To prepare students for employment after graduation

The best place to begin your university life

There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding where to enrol after SPM. Parents and students alike would investigate finer details such as teaching experience, conducive environment, and campus accessibility.

At Taylor’s University, students will find superior, industry-standard facilities and top-notch amenities that will cater to all their needs. Study and breakout areas are scattered throughout the lakeside campus, providing a conducive environment for revision or group studies.

Discover how you can benefit from an engaging and nurturing environment set on 27 acres of tropical greenery. Come and explore our campus today.

Still can’t decide? Our team of advisors are more than happy to be of service.


My SPM results are good, but I still don’t know which career path to follow. Help!

If you need more time to decide which career pathway to continue after SPM, we highly recommend enrolling in Foundation in Arts or Foundation in Science at Taylor’s University. Both programmes open up to a wide range of pathways after graduation, thus giving you more time to decide your future field of study.

If you have an idea of which field of study to pursue, we recommend looking at our specific foundation programmes.


Which is better – Diploma or Foundation programme?

Each has their own benefits to accommodate students’ needs. Scroll up to the table to help you choose what’s best.


Why should I study at Taylor’s University?

Dedicated to creating a conducive environment for students, our campus boasts a variety of amenities and facilities. We house all existing programmes under one roof; this includes popular industry fields like Communication, Business, Culinary Arts, Architecture, Medicine and Engineering. Enrol at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus and be a part of our dynamic Taylorian family today.

Do you have further queries? Speak to our counsellors and find out why this campus is the perfect place for you.

The Taylor's Team