Taylor's University offers variouse internation collaboration organisation for our students to participate.


The Asia Pacific Student Services Association (APSSA) is an international organization with a distinctive focus on the Asia Pacific region. It is a network of student affairs professionals who are passionate about strengthening their role in tertiary education by providing positive student experiences that enhance student learning. APSSA provides a platform for global collaboration in the field of student affairs through organising international conferences, training programs, staff attachment programs and professional study visits through the Institute of Student Affairs (ISA).

Currently, there are more than 65 members, both institutional and individual. Taylor’s University is one of the institutional members of APSSA, represented by Ms Angela Pok, Vice President of Student Experience who is currently holding the position of APSSA General Secretary. For the past few years, Taylor’s University has been very actively involved in APSSA events and activities, apart from the APSSA International Conference held every two years.  

APSSA creates networking and development opportunities to: 

APSSA also provides its member institutions with outstanding opportunities to organize global mobility activities.  A student focused learning program held as part of APSSA’s International Conferences provides a form for building inter-cultural competencies, understanding, global citizenry and personal and professional capabilities. 

The biennial APSSA conference plays a large part in achieving these goals by bringing together student affairs professionals and student leaders to exchange ideas and views on evolving student needs in tertiary education.

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University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP) is a voluntary regional association of government, non-government and/or university representatives of the higher education established in 1993 to enhance cooperation and exchange of people and expertise through increased mobility of higher education students and staff. UMAP has been endorsed by Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and member countries are implementing UMAP projects.

In order to put the ideal of a comprehensive internationalized university into practice, the Office of International Education was established in February, 2008, aims to collaborate with partner institutions through exchange programs. Exchange of faculty, researchers and students are encouraged to promote international collaborative teaching and learning.

Taylor’s University is part of the UMAP circle, represented by Ms Angela Pok, Vice President of Student Experience.

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