TUSC is a strategic platform for you to acquire in-depth leadership experiences where it focuses primarily on improving student integration and the quality of campus life for students. At the same time, TUSC also represents the University for Inter-varsity Collaborations, networking avenues and support the efforts of the Ministry of Education Malaysia.


TUSC looks into Campus Welfare, Campus Relations and Campus Integration initiatives throughout the year. Through the Campus Welfare Department, TUSC organises a combination of events and activities such as The Voice Campaigns, Townhalls and Dialogues Sessions that help the student community voice their feedback on various administrative issues which are then presented to the management.
Campus Relations Department looks into visiting and hosting universities for a shared learning experience. They also look into sharing events and happenings from within and outside the University and co-organise events together with other universities to enhance networking and engagement amongst university students locally and internationally.
Campus Integration Department looks into creating a vibrant and enriching campus life by leveraging on clubs and societies and organising events for students from various programmes to come together and be part of something bigger.



PGSC is the student body established to look into the welfare and engagement activities in the postgraduate student community. They are made up of Postgraduate students from various programme and aim to create more integration and connectedness within the community. They also represent the voices of the students and work towards creating a better university experience for the postgraduate students.


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Email: pgsc@taylors.edu.my