02 July 2018

Research Writing and Publication Workshop with Elsevier Publishing


  • Workshop by Centre for Research Management

Kicking off their Monday blues, 100 participants joined the Research Writing and Publication Workshop with Elsevier Publishing, organized by Centre for Research Management. Rob van Daalen began the workshop with a 90-minute session on “Writing a great paper and getting it published in a research journal”. He guided the participants on the steps needed before writing a paper, ensuring proper manuscript language while building up your article properly.

Besides that, Rob also explained that every author has his or her responsibility and rights with writing. For him, writing a research is incomplete without any form of integrity and candor. The next session is more on “Getting your paper noticed”. Every writers’ goal is to have their papers published. The most important part in being noticed is to ensure that you pick the correct journal to publish in. Then, it is all about marketing your paper by sharing the published paper and tracking the readership and citation statistics. The 2 hour, 30 minute workshop was held on 16 July 2018 at Lecture Theatre 19.

About the trainer:
Rob van Daalen studied analytical chemistry and has been with Elsevier for 9 years now. He is responsible for journals in Green, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, which includes journals such as Materials Today Sustainability, Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science and Chemical Physics Letters. Besides working on these journals, he also organizes conferences: the International Colloids Conference and the Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference. He is also the initiator of the Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge. Contestants for this Challenge are asked to submit innovative green chemistry ideas that can be applied directly to the local communities.

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