25 October 2018

Featured Postgrad: Ricky Saputra

Ricky Saputra

Bachelor of Engineer, Associate Member in Institution of Chemical Engineering, UK (AMIChemE)

Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) Research Scholar

Department of Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering, Faculty of Built Environment, Technology & Design.

When asked what is it he is most passionate about, Ricky says that learning and grasping the unknown is his main passion. For him, this develops himself to be something better, and at the same time coaching and sharing knowledge is essential – knowledge is insignificant if it’s kept to oneself. Coming from our closest neighbor – Indonesia, Ricky has chosen to further his studies in Malaysia due to its diversified multicultural blend with a higher and recognized quality of education. He specifically chose Taylor’s University due to its engineering programme where project-based learning is strongly emphazised so that the students can practice the concept hands on.

His project will indefinitely beneficial to reducing environmental pollution, as well as increase the living quality of society. At the same time, economic advantages will be enhanced as an impact from utilization of waste to (new) products as well as through the utilization of this novel, cost effective and non-energy intensive process. The few specific applications could for revulcanization, kids playground and recreational areas, bumpers, car’s body, porous irrigation, rubberized asphalt, waterproofing and etc. To achieve the optimum gratification of his research, Ricky is applying for Master to PhD conversion at Taylor’s University. From there he wants to use his skills and knowledge in industry, specifically in the field of polymer R&D. 

Ricky Saputra
Student: Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) Research Scholar
Dr. Rashmi Gangasa Walvekar
Senior Lecturer: School of Engineering, Faculty of Built Environment, Engineering, Technology & Design