30 November 2018

Know The Expert: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yeong Chai Hong

Expertise: Radiopharmacology (Pharmacoscintigraphy, Drug delivery, drug dissolution, GI transit), Biomedical Imaging (Medical imaging, nuclear medicine, radionuclide therapy)

Dr. Yeong has always been passionate about her profession, medical physics. She obtained her PhD with Distinction from the University of Malaya in 2012. Her PhD thesis titled “Imaging Neutron Activated 153Sm Oral Dose Forms in the Gastrointestinal Tract” alongside 38 of her research items has been cited 154 times. Her PhD project has won the Certificate of Merit awarded by the European Society of Radiology, the second largest radiology society in the world. Dr. Yeong was the first and the only Malaysian who received this prestigious award until today.

Dr. Yeong’s area of specialization is biomedical imaging and interventional radiology. Currently, she is teaching the radiology module at the Taylor’s University and an invited lecturer for the Master of Medical Physics programmes at the University of Malaya. To date, she has supervised forty (40) students whom graduated in PhD and Master in Medical Physics or Radiology. With the current six (6) on-going PhD and Master students, Dr. Yeong still has time to continually excel in her biggest passion; to create continuity in research. 

Over the years, Dr. Yeong has received a total of RM1.7mil research grants. From the year 2011, she has published 2 academic books, 2 book chapters, 39 indexed journal papers, and 10 proceedings. She has presented in more than 50 local and international conferences, apart from 49 invited or keynote lectures. Her researches have won several awards. Recently, she was honoured with the Young Leaders Award by the South East Asian Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics (SEAFOMP) during the 18th Asia-Oceania Congress of Medical Physics (AOCMP) and 16th South East Asia Congress of Medical Physics (SEACOMP). Dr. Yeong is one of five (5) awardees from South East Asia and the first Malaysian to receive this award. She was also given the privilege to be the youngest ever Chairperson for the prestigious medical physics conferences, AOCMP and SEACOMP recently concluded at Kuala Lumpur (11 – 14 November 2018) that hosted 529 delegates from 40 countries. Apart from that, one of Dr. Yeong’s paper was selected for Editor’s Choice in Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine Journal (Impact Factor 2.674).

On top of her research achievements, Dr. Yeong is currently an Affiliate Member of the Young Scientists Network under the Academy of Sciences Malaysia. She is recently appointed as the Professional Relation Committee (PRC) Chair of the Asia-Oceania Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics (AFOMP). She is also one of the Founding Committee of the ASEAN College of Medical Physics (ACOMP) which was formed on 23 October 2014 and carries the vision to make ACOMP the premier education and training centre for medical physics in the ASEAN region and beyond. On top of that, Dr. Yeong has 14 other professional affiliation and membership with international and national organizations. Under her name, there are 2 registered Intellectual Properties that has been patented since 2012: MY-150885-A Biopsy Track Ablation Device and Method Thereof, and MY-150861-A Neutron Activated 153Sm-Labelled Microspheres. Dr. Yeong aims to create an impact in the research industry, especially under medical physics and cancer research. According to her, it takes a minimum of 10 years for a fundamental research to create any major impact on the society. One of the challenges that most researchers face is how to translate the innovation/knowledge from labs to bedsides, especially in clinical research.

Although the research findings seem ready to go, there is still a series of safety measure that needs to be validated before it can be implemented widely. Cancer research has advanced significantly over the last 10 years. However, not all of the advancements can be put through to the patients as they are still in clinical trials period”.

Cancer has shown its characteristics like a chronic (ongoing) disease, the method of treating it is also evolving. This is what sparks her passion. “There is no shortcut in research, only persistence and be patient. Do right, do the best, and never give up”, said Dr. Yeong. Presently, Dr. Yeong is working on targeted therapy for liver cancer patients. She aims to develop an improved method that helps to locate and treat tumours more precisely while minimizing damage to the surrounding healthy tissues, hence reducing side effects on patients. With passion and perseverance, Dr. Yeong hopes to develop a treatment method that will benefit liver cancer patients worldwide. 

-- Live to Leave a Legacy -- quote Dr. Yeong Chai Hong

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