25 October 2018

Know the Expert: Dr. Mehrnaz Fahimirad

Dr. Mehrnaz is passionate about unlocking the human potential and believes that time and space are finite resources. Students and teachers have the grueling task of carving out time for interest-driven learning and creating space to connect the learning that happens across their lives. As a result, we are missing opportunities to spark the next generation of innovators who can engage and inspire our communities. Imagine what it would look like if all our universities were set up to help youth discover and pursue their passions instead of guiding them along a predictable path.

Currently her research area it is about Curriculum Framework and Transformation in Higher Education Outcomes and One of her latest publications titled International Postgraduate Students’ challenges in Academic Writing in Malaysian Public Universities is published in the International Journal of Applied Linguistics & English Literature, V7. N7 (2018). She has begun publishing her research since 2011.

At Taylor’s University, Dr. Mehrnaz’s research focuses in educational development in a relation to teaching and learning for university curriculum development. In regards to this, Taylor’s University integrated generic competencies in its new curriculum framework, and implemented those competencies in vocational courses. , Incorporating generic competencies and life skills into university curricula is a viable solution to bridging “an increasingly wide gap between the skills and capabilities of graduates, and the requirements and demands of the work environment”. Hence, soft skills are not only important in the role of professional developmental for graduate, but also in bolstering a more general “self-efficacy” in academic life.


Dr. Mehrnaz Fahimirad
A Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Faculty of Social Sciences and Leisure Management