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The Knowledge Transfer and Commercialisation office manages the portfolio of intellectual property (IP) owned by the university. It seeks to collaborate with companies and individuals to commercialise these IPs. The KTC office also assist companies seeking to tapped into the expertise within the university, either to solve challenges faced or develop new products.


KTC Office provides a wide range of IPs readily available for licensing, and offering lab services with technologically advanced equipment.

Jackfruit-Rags based flour

This technology pertains to the manufacturing of jackfruit-rags flour for cookies, muffins etc. High in fibre and still carrying the jackfruit flavour, this technology allow what was once considered waste to be converted into a useful ingredient for cookie, muffin etc.

Nanotech Oil based Cutting Fluid

A low costs nanotech cutting fluid composed using vegetable oil.

Red rice cookie recipe

This is a recipe for the manufacturing of high fiber, gluten free cookie using red rice flour.

Kangkong based flour

This technology pertains to the manufacturing of kangkong flour that has a matcha flavour.


Knowledge Transfer & Commercialisation
Vice President – Innovation & Commercialisation
Ts. Mohd Roydean bin Osman