The food studies and gastronomy sectors are growing at an exponential pace and Taylor’s School of Food Studies and Gastronomy (SFSG) prides itself on matching every stride of this growth. With its dynamic programmes and outlook, it is obvious why SFSG leads the way for culinary arts education in Southeast Asia. 

Conduct of Academic Activities on Campus During and Post-MCO

The Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) Malaysia has announced the phased opening of higher education institutions nationally, beginning with the 1st phase for the following categories of students: Post-graduate students under research mode, final semester or final year students, and students who experience difficulty in accessing online classes from home.

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World-Class Facilities

We have put in place world-class facilities designed and built to stimulate the actual working environment of leading hospitality tourism & culinary establishments.

Fun Approach to Learning

Students approach learning through experimentation and skills-based learning methodologies, which result in a fun and enlightening experience at all stages.

International Internships

Opportunities for internships abroad such as Michelin Star restaurants in France or top hotels. Learn new techniques and valuable knowledge from various experts.

Research-led Teaching

Our faculty spearheads research initiatives that challenge conventional industry practices.


Foundation In Science (FIS)

A one-year programme that prepares students with practical skills through our well-equipped science laboratories and learning experience with various online tools.

Bachelor Of Culinary Management (Hons)

Acquire applicable knowledge and skills in foodservice management and culinary arts, with technical and management skills for a career in the global food and beverage industry.

Bachelor Of Science (Hons) Culinology®

Gain the knowledge and skills in food product development, and be groomed to be a part of the ready-made and processed foods industry.

Bachelor of Patisserie Arts (Hons)

Acquire both professional pastry baking skills and real-world business knowledge for a competitive edge in the global food industry.

Master of Philosophy (Food Studies) (Mixed Mode)

A comprehensive curriculum which encompasses components like research skills, anthropology and sociology of food, food trends and business outlook, and many more.

Doctor of Philosophy in Food Studies

Develop research collaboration and report the research findings at an appropriate level and provide expert advice to society in the relevant field.



Taylor's University offers our students with customisable education pathway to meet their unique learning profiles.

Student will able to get exclusive and personalised learning experiences as they progress in their education toward graduation.



9 Restaurants

Taylor’s F&B service training facilities cater to the industry’s diverse needs, exposing students to the art of service and management of various types of establishments, from luxury to lifestyle and Asian dining. These include 3 fine dining restaurants, 3 specialized simulation restaurants, 1 Asian Bistro, 1 lifestyle food bar and 1 multiservice outlet.

10 Culinary Suites

Purpose-built to offer the most comprehensive culinary training to aspiring chefs, Taylor’s array of Culinary Suites simulate the competitive industrial environment with ample personal space for individualized learning. Each suite is designed for students to familiarize with the world of haute cuisine, while honing their skills and knowledge at their own pace. The kitchens also regularly host prestigious national and international culinary competitions.

Manifestation – The Culinary Bar Theatre

Beyond a common lecture theatre is Manifestation, our culinary bar theatre features sixty lecture hall seating with tablet arms, a fully-functioning kitchen and audio-visual conferencing technology. Ideal for live demonstrations of culinary and beverage production as well as online classes by international partners. The alternative learning space also hosts regular presentations by leading professionals and celebrity chefs in the food and beverage industry to engage students in contextualized learning.

Wine Laboratory

Modelled after the wine-tasting laboratories in vineyards around the world, this exclusive venue is well equipped with individualized inlaid sinks and lighting. This design allows better examination of a wine’s characteristics in the study of oenology, viticulture and wine-pairing. The lab regularly hosts Masterclass series and advanced professional courses in sensory evaluation of wines around the world.

R&D Kitchen

In the fashion of world-class food research facilities, these collaborative learning spaces are custom-designed with state-of-the-art equipment to stimulate students’ exploration and innovation in culinary development, pursuing advances in the exciting field of Culinology®.


Transnational Education(TNE) is a division of the Faculty of Social Sciences & Leisure Management at Taylor's University overlooking the development of collaborations, and providing consulting services to our global partners. Whether you are looking for setting up a Franchise programme, Dual Award, expertise to start up or enhance your education business, we assist you in achieving growth and long term success.


Important Note: The details on this page are as released (serve as a guide only) and are subject to change. Students must regularly refer to their schools to get the latest updates.