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What advantage will I get from this flexible and broad-based degree curriculum?

The primary aim of this flexible and broad-based degree curriculum is to enhance the employability of our students and prepare them for the future workplace. 

In addition, it enables students to co-design their degree (hence, their modules) based on interests and aspirations of students.

The flexible curriculum structure provides students with many learning options and gives students exposure to broad discipline areas through free electives. 

A combination of majors and minors are made available to students. It emphasises on independent self-directed learning which is a key skill for graduates in the future.

The students have a range of international experiential learning opportunities via short- term mobility, semester exchange programmes, study/field trips abroad, and international internships.

In addition, students will take a series of structured life skills modules for self discovery.

Why is the student exchange component under the TCF and how will this enrich my education?

Taylor’s University students have the opportunity to study, travel and make lifelong friends around the world. Students will learn more about themselves, become more independent and give their Taylor’s degree an international edge.

Essentially, the international exposure will allow students to gain new knowledge and skills in an area that is of interest to them thus benefiting from the multi-disciplinary learning environment.

Taylor’s University Student Exchange Programme offers students a once in a lifetime opportunity to go abroad for one semester.

Under the Student Exchange Programme, students are not required to pay any tuition fee to the host institution.

Will specialisations and / or flexible studies appear on my graduation parchment?

Only the approved award name of the programme will appear on the parchment.

The specialisation and/ or flexible studies package information will only be reflected in your academic transcript instead of parchment.

Where can I obtain information on my enrolled programme, specialisation and/ or flexible studies?

Students who have accepted the Univeristy’s offer and paid the full semester one fees are able access the above information from the Programme Guide on the Student Portal.

Who do I contact for advice on choosing my specialisation and flexible studies?

Before enrolment, students are advised to meet with the Enrolment and Advisory Services staff who will provide you with the initial information you require.

After enrolment, students are advised to meet their Faculty office members during the Academic Advisory week in week 5 of the second semester.

Students may also consult their Programme Director for advice as well.

When am I required to choose my specialisation and/or flexible studies?

Students are required to choose the above a semester prior to the commencement of specialization/flexible studies, typically in their second semester for non-credit transfer students.

Will I have to pay more under the new Taylor’s Curriculum Framework?

No, unless students choose more than the minimum graduating credit. For example, the minimum graduating credit for Bachelor of Business (Hons) is 120 credits. Within the minimum graduating credit, you will study a major with specialisation and a minor or extension or free electives.

Are there any charges incurred if I change my specialisation and/ or flexible studies?

Yes, if additional modules are to be taken to fulfill the criteria of the specialisation or flexible studies, OR the graduating criteria required by the enrolled programme. However, no charges will be incurred if no additional modules are to be taken according to the requirements of the enrolled programme.