Entrepreneurship plays a critical role in knowledge management to create economic value and promote sustainable economic, social, technological and hierarchical management development. Processes and behaviours central to entrepreneurship requires an entrepreneurial mindset to create ventures and develop existing ones. It is a stimulating program that leverages on learning and research within the School and supports the rich entrepreneurial framework of the University. The program is intended to complement research-led and theoretically-informed education, with a reasonable spotlight on the improvement of critical and practical abilities and open doors for the use of information to real-life entrepreneurial opportunities and dynamic issues. 


The program  incorporates a spectrum of diverse administrative and business angles, from public and private sectors, both SMEs and large firms, to social enterprises, cooperatives and not-for-profit organisations.  Students will be able to build and develop their innovation logic, intellectual and entrepreneurial skills within the context of human capital, technology, product development, finance and marketing. Among the courses offered are Social Business and Ethics, Techno-entrepreneurship, and Entrepreneurship accelerator program. The courses empower the students to develop their entrepreneurial mindset, with the ability to recognize and screen opportunities, and mobilize project from inception to implementation. The program is offered to business and non-business students, as this will foster interdisciplinary camaraderie, and spur a dynamic and energetic environment within the cohort.


Design Thinking

Basic assumption of design thinking is that innovation occurs at the intersection of three equal factors: human, technology and economy. Design Thinking states that all these three factors must be considered for innovation to occur. The design thinking approach is “human-centered”, and its process starts with the people you’re designing for and ends with new solutions that are tailor made to suit their needs. Like scientific method, design thinking can be applied to a broad set of opportunities and challenges. Through an iterative process, design thinking seeks solutions that are desirable, viable and feasible. The structured approach of this Design Thinking course tests and refines ideas and maximizes the chances of success at solving assigned challenges for increased impact.

Entrepreneurship Accelerator Programme

This module provides a framework covering three broad areas of business knowledge, personal attributes and professional skills. In this capstone unit of study, students will demonstrate their understanding of the business environment and the knowledge and skills required in planning and starting up of a business, via the implementation of a business project to demonstrate the knowledge, competency, professional practice and leadership. Students will be able to examine issues of problem identification, ideation, planning, problem solving strategies and execute their plans and ideas. At the end of this course, students will learn how best to apply theories they have learnt in class, strategies and methods in handling their projects. At the end of the course, students will produce a business plan that is presented to angel investors and venture capitalists.


Graduates who start a business venture and become a successful entrepreneur whilst at the University will appreciate the learning and support provided to the students whilst creating and accelerating their new venture on campus. Graduates who plan to start their own business after leaving the University will discover this course very useful as they reflect and appreciate the concepts and tools learnt, whilst being resourceful when creating their ventures. For graduates who seek employment in various industries, they will be equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset that will help them in their decision making process with regard to business planning and implementation. 


This specialisation is offered as an option as part of the Bachelor of Business (Hons) degree.

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