Great management skills is the key to business administration. This programme is outlined to deliver deep theoretical and practical insights which develops the capability of individuals needed to administer a successful business. The course will provide a holistic and comprehensive approach of management methods via an assortment of business case studies and learning how to apply the knowledge in practical situations. Students will learn how to apply methodological research to corporate and administration issues and devise their ideas into solutions. Mixing great management methods with the the latest administrative solutions, students learn about volatile business environments and management challenges.   


Student will gain an understanding of business management encompassing the study of private, public, non-profit organisations, SMEs and their operational practices, processes, and how they respond to business problems and challenges.



Students can progress in their career with a wide area of business professions such as Operations Manager, Junior Operations Manager, Consultant, Trainee Manager, Depot Manager, Practice Manager, Housing Officer, Learning and Development Adviser, Investment Banker, Sales Manager, Business Analyst and Graduate Teaching Assistant.


This specialisation is offered as an option as part of the Bachelor of Business (Hons) degree.

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