The Journalism Specialisation offers an exciting opportunity to prospective journalists and media practitioners to immerse themselves into the business of news and information gathering. Not only will you get to develop the skills and practices needed to excel in a modern, digitalised newsroom, you will also be exposed to the different types of news reporting and writing. Here in Taylor's School of Communication, we are committed towards incorporating a multi-skilled approach – academically and practically – to ensure you have what employers in the 21st century news media environment are looking for.  


You will be taught:

  • The realities of the 24-hour modern newsroom
  • Different forms of news writing techniques
  • Conducting effective interviews
  • Discerning facts and truth from fiction and falsehoods
  • Produce engaging content for print and digital platforms

You learn through:

  • Practical projects
  • Lectures and seminars
  • Commercial opportunities with real-world clients
  • Critical thinking and group work skills
  • Employability workshops
  • Guest speakers and masterclasses
  • Development of your portfolio



When you’ve successfully completed this specialisation, you could embark on any of these exciting careers, including:


This specialisation is offered as an option as part of the Bachelor's (Hons) in Mass Communication. Click below to learn more about the programme.