Graphic Design is the practice of conceptualising and visualising ideas and experiences with illustration, photography, digital imagery and media. The medium of communication can be physical, digital or virtual, and include images, text, or graphic elements.  As increased digital content is demanded to feed the plethora of media distribution channels, more Graphic Designers are needed to design and produce contents to meet these needs. 

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brand strategy, publishing design, and social media communication

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The Graphic Design specialisation involves a multifaceted process that requires the application of implicit as well as explicit knowledge and intuitive as well as reasoned thinking.  It requires a sophisticated interaction of art, technology, user, organisational and practice-based knowledge and skills by the individual, both in a personal and team context. The specialisation is designed to facilitate the development of these attributes in the students and through this, support their learning, employability and future development.


Design Thinking

Packing Designs

Publishing Design

Creative Brand Strategy



The aim of this module is to familiarise students with the industry standard pre-production processes for creative media projects and to understand the intricacies of strategising presentation pitches for funding purposes. Students will learn how to develop original, personally motivated creative media projects, how to pitch these ideas to funders, clients and peers and how to independently lead and manage a project of significant duration and depth.

At the end of this module students will have completed the research, development and created the assets for their Major Project module where they will be able to focus on production and post-production of their project.


This module allows students to complete the production and post-production of their individual pre-production proposal that was created and proposed during the previous semester’s Minor Project module. It is the culmination of all the creative and intellectual skills students have developed on the Creative Media Design pathway conducted in a Studio Culture learning environment, an important aspect of the designer’s development as it mirrors industry practice.

Studio based feedback takes place to facilitate individual students’ development , and it allows for formative feedback and the identification development areas to be considered.


This module is presents as a phase of the students’ industrial training experience in which, at this level, the students would have gained the necessary skills and experience to embark on greater challenges in the creative industries.

During their training, students will have gained a broader design experience and knowledge in which, it will be put to good use in their final year, furthermore would enhance and strengthen their characters & their portfolio.


Graphic Designers work with typefaces, form, and graphic images on posters, packaging, and other printed advertising material, including infographic design and visual communication designs for newspapers, magazines and other printed collaterals. Current Graphic Designers are also motion graphic designers, where they also design graphics in motion for websites, opening credits of a movie or an online video meant to accompany a newspaper article and television broadcast contents. 

Employment of Graphic Designers in application design, social and digital media and the related services is projected to grow in parallel with the advancement of consumer electronics and devices for the virtual and augmented spaces. Companies are continuing to increase their digital presence both in the augmented and virtual worlds, requiring Graphic Designers to create visually appealing, effective and engaging apps, websites, user interfaces and digital contents.


This specialisation is offered as an option as part of the Bachelor's (Hons) in Creative Media.

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