The culinary arts sectors are growing at an exponential pace and Taylor’s School of School of Culinary Arts & Food Studies (SCAFS) prides itself on matching every stride of this growth. With its dynamic programmes and outlook, it is obvious why SCAFS leads the way for culinary arts education in Southeast Asia. 


World-Class Facilities

We have put in place world-class facilities designed and built to stimulate the actual working environment of leading hospitality tourism & culinary establishments.

Fun Approach to Learning

Students approach learning through experimentation and skills-based learning methodologies, which result in a fun and enlightening experience at all stages.

International Internships

Opportunities for 2-6 months’ internship abroad such as Michelin Star restaurants in France or top hotels. Learn new techniques and valuable knowledge from various experts.

Research-led Teaching

Our faculty spearheads research initiatives that challenge conventional industry practices.


Foundation in Arts (FIA)

This programme prepares students for direct entry to the first year of an undergraduate degree. This programme has the widest education pathway which provides interdisciplinary study of various fields such as communication, business, hospitality, tourism and culinary arts, design, education, architecture and psychology.

Diploma In Culinary Arts

Be equipped to cpursue culinary arts with fundamental skills in culinary arts and strong product knowledge, as well as the ability to perform and organise food production.

Advanced Diploma In Patisserie & Gastronomic Cuisine

This culinary arts programme is specially designed to train students to become experts in managing food, beverage and kitchen operations.

Bachelor Of Culinary Management (Hons)

Acquire applicable knowledge and skills in foodservice management and culinary arts, with technical and management skills for a career in the global food and beverage industry.

Bachelor Of Science (Hons) Culinology®

Gain the knowledge and skills in food product development, and be groomed to be a part of the ready-made and processed foods industry.

Master of Philosophy (Food Studies)

A comprehensive curriculum which encompasses components like research skills, anthropology and sociology of food, food trends and business outlook, and many more.


9 Restaurants

Including 3 fine dining restaurants, 3 specialized training restaurants, 1 Asian restaurant, 1 lifestyle restaurant and 1 multiservice restaurant

10 Culinary Suites

Encompassing 8 kitchens and pastry labs, 1 garde manger kitchen and 1 artist kitchen