Taylor’s University is first and the only Private based University in Malaysia to embrace the CDIO initiative forming the main pedagogy for all Project Based Modules within the Engineering programmes.

The CDIO Initiative™ was pioneered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), together with leading engineering schools around the world, to address the gap between industy needs and the quality of engineering graduates being produced. 

The CDIO Initiative™ consists of more than 120 schools around the world organized into 7 regions; Europe, North America, Asia, UK-Ireland, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand and Africa. These are led by one or several regional leaders appointed by each region.​


Students are instilled with engineering fundamentals in the context of the whole product life cycle (Conceiving – Designing – Implementing – Operating), and are able to:

  • Master a deeper working knowledge of the technical fundamentals
  • Lead in the creation and operation of new products and systems
  • Understand the importance and strategic value of research work

Taylor’s School of Computer Science and Engineering is the first Malaysian University to be accepted into this prestigious collaboration, joining the ranks of elite institutions like MIT, Stanford University and University of Sydney.


The faculty and students participate in various conference and training events organised as part of the CDIOTM Initiative, which facilitate the sharing of best practices and knowledge exchange as well as networking among leading institutions.

  • The European-UK & Ireland Annual Meeting of the CDIO Initiative 2021​
  • CDIO International Meeting 2020, online​
  • CDIO 2020 Asian regional meeting in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia​
  • CDIO International Meeting 2019​
  • Latin American Regional Meeting​
  • CDIO faculty development workshop - Aachen​
  • 15th International CDIO Conference at Aarhus University​
  • CDIO 2019 Asian Regional Meeting​
  • Inspirational lecture/workshop: Introduction to developing Engineering Education with CDIO​
  • The EU & UK-NI CDIO Regional meeting, La Rochelle (France) - registration has opened​
  • CDIO Faculty Development Course, Implement the CDIO approach in your course​
  • CDIO International Working Meeting Fall 2018, 25-26 October in Delft​
  • CDIO 2018 Asian Regional meeting​
  • CDIO 2018 European Regional meeting​
  • CDIO 2017  Fall meeting - Registration available| Australia​
  • CDIO 2017 Latin America Regional meeting​
  • 13th International CDIO 2017 Conference in Calgary, Canada
  • International CDIO Conference 2010, Québec, Canada
  • CDIO Regional Conference 2011 Beijing, China
  • International CDIO Conference 2011, Lyngby, Denmark
  • 7th MIT Conference on Computational Fluid & Solid Mechanics 2013, Boston, USA
  • CDIO International Conference 2013. Boston, USA
  • LINC International Conference 2013. Boston, USA
  • Harnessing Innovation Skills at CDIO Academy 2011
  • Training & Sharing Session with Vietnam National University