X-Space - Promoting Learning  Collaboratively, From the Lecturer, Peers and the World

Preparing students for 21st century is indeed a challenge. In Taylor’s University, we are aware of those challenges and embark on a new classroom design needed to accommodate the new generation of learners, and prepare them for their future. As the 21st century skills call on to all academic institution to promote and develop highly collaborative citizens, a collaborative classroom such as X-Space at Taylor’s University is needed. X-Space is a technology-rich collaborative classroom specifically designed for flexible formal learning spaces.  It facilitates a diverse learning experience in a highly collaborative and engaging manner.  X-Space unique seating design and the availability of fast Internet connection in the classroom will ensure better collaborative learning.  Ideas can be easily shared and decisions can be made together more effectively throughout the learning session. It also enabled digitally animated presentation for learning, thus making learning session more interesting.

The technology used in this collaborative classroom will promote positive attitudes among students, a greater inclination to learn, increase in student achievement and motivate students to be more engaged in the lessons. This conducive learning environment will also help to nurture students creativity and critical thinking skills.

We believe that a collaborative setting is an ideal environment for constructing knowledge and learning. Providing students with conducive environment that promote collaborative learning will give them the opportunity to explore their full learning potential, empower them in their learning and prepare them for their future.