The Use of Module Sites to Create Greater Interactivity in Learning

Taylor's Integrated Moodle e-Learning System or better known as TIMeS, marks the university’s bold initiative to transform traditional classroom teaching into an interactive learning environment. With TIMeS, students are able to access lecture notes and materials as well as obtain latest announcements regarding their module. Features like e-assessment, e-tutoring, e-submission and e-forum will provide the students with the opportunity  to explore learning outside the classroom and at the same time connect with their lecturers, collaborate with their peers and take charge of their learning, anytime and anywhere. 

With customised module sites, learning is no longer time bound. Lecturers and students have the flexibility to “meet” online anytime, therefore, learning can occur synchronously and asynchronously depending on the student’s need. In each module site, the lecturer can populate, enhance and modify all the contents and activities anytime, anywhere. This promotes flexibility, creativity, up-to-date and compact contents.

Tutorial session is now pre-planned and populated with instruction, activities and assessment that cater for student diverse learning pace. Lecturers carefully and creatively design and structure the content and activities from learner’s perspective. This learner centric approach in TIMeS transforms the role of the lecturer from a source of information to facilitators of student learning.