Learning Anytime, Anywhere With Taylor’s Lecture Capture System

ReWIND @ Taylor’s is a lecture capture system that allows lectures to be recorded automatically (with audio, visual, presentation slides, and other module related content) which is then made available to students online. It is developed to assist lecturers in maximising their teaching efficiency. It also offers an exciting opportunity to deliver module content in new ways and to make content available for students after class. Students are now able to fast-forward, rewind, or skip to particular segments they desire, hence enabling them to learn in a self-directed and personalised manner, anytime, anywhere.

All lecture theaters in the University are now equipped with lecture capture system. Lessons conducted in these venues are recorded automatically and made available to students immediately via TIMeS @ Taylor’s at the end of the class.

Statistics in the first eight months of 2014 have shown that students appreciate this new learning platform and benefited from it.