Taylor’s Graduate Capabilities (TGC) was created in 2007 to enhance university-level education to meet the ever- changing demands of industry, community and globalisation. TGC outlines the core knowledge, skills, abilities and qualities that students will develop at Taylor’s University regardless of their programme of study.


In a highly competitive and challenging 21st century workplace, graduates who are skilled will be relevant, responsive and work-ready to start ahead and stay ahead in the global marketplace.

The teaching and learning approach at Taylor’s University is focused on ensuring that each student is able to acquire and demonstrate discipline-specific knowledge, cognitive capabilities and soft skills.


Academics in each school are responsible for embedding TGC in their teaching and learning activities. This is implemented at the module and programme levels through curricular design that involves mapping learning outcomes in relation to TGC, assessing TGC achievement and tracking student development. Evaluation and review mechanisms will be enhanced through regular audits and curricular review processes.

The university’s Student Support Services instills TGC in students at the co-curricular and extra-curricular levels. There are many opportunities for development university-wide, such as opportunities for development university-wide, such as international collaborations, fairs, community service initiatives, sports and recreational activities, competitions, internships and other personal and professional development activities.

The university’s Student Support Services instills TGC in students at the co-curricular and extra-curricular levels.

Centre For Future Learning will monitor the implementation of TGC, as well as provide support and develop resources for stakeholders within the university to drive the TGC plan to its fulfillment.

With their valuable real-world input, employers in our Industry Advisory Panel, as well as our alumni network and business partners from varied industries also have a key role in keeping our strategic plan relevant, current and grounded in industry expectations.

Our students are at the centre of this plan. It is our hope they will take responsibility for consciously developing their own graduate capabilities and learning to demonstrate those important capabilities through reflection, portfolios and ultimately, a TGC Award.  


The 8 Taylor's Graduate Capabilities