TED’s Academic Staff Development programmes cater to a variety of needs, where successful teaching and learning strategies and practices are used to support everyone, from novice academics who are concerned with day-to-day survival, experienced academics who want to improve their effectiveness, to highly accomplished academics who want to acquire advanced and innovative teaching methodologies. 


TED’s Academic Staff Development programmes focus on the following 7 dimensions: 

  1. Subject/Knowledge Contextualisation
  2. Supportive Learning Environments
  3. Impact to Student Achievement & Learning outcomes
  4. Provision of Appropriate Feedback
  5. Use of Relevant Learning Technology
  6. Attention to Affective Attributes
  7. Use of Research to inform Teaching

Our commitment to high-quality, effective development has resulted in positive gains, towards supporting our lecturers in their journeys towards transformational teaching capability and learning engagement.


  • Anugerah Akademik Negara (the highest award for a teaching staff in higher education)
  • Apple Distinguished Educator
  • Taylor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • Taylor’s Chairman Award for Excellence
  • Certified Corporate Trainer

We offer professional development in a variety of formats to address a range of timely topics associated with teaching, learning and technology in higher education. TED CPD Programmes are available in the following formats:

  • Interactive, facilitated workshops
  • Blended
  • Flipped
  • Sharing sessions
  • Seminars
  • Coaching

TED is partnered with the following organization(s) to bring value to our teaching and learning:

  • International Coaching Federation (Malaysia Chapter)

We have conducted pedagogy-related workshops in the following institution(s):

  • Xinyang University, China



Continuous Professional Development, Creating Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Whether it is through an interactive, facilitated course, or a blended one, TED provides structured opportunities across the year for Taylor’s Lakeside lecturers to practice, develop, and innovate via continuous professional development (CPD). TED’s programmes are designed and tailored to the role of academic staff members and identified via Teaching Engagement Scale reports, planning processes and/or through annual professional review.

Support for New Academic Staff: Induction and University Teaching & Learning Programme
The Induction & University Teaching and Learning Programme (IP/UTLP) is designed specifically for new full-time academic staff members with the aim of successfully integrating new academic staff into the Taylor’s organization culture and contribute to its mission and vision. It is important to TED and Taylor’s that new hires feel welcome and prepared for their roles, and it is our hope that by the end of the programme, new hires will say "I Am Welcomed, Therefore I Belong".
The IP/UTLP consists of two sections:

  1. Integration: Introduces academic staff to the Taylor’s culture, support services, and structure. This programme includes HR Policies for Academics, Research Engagement, Taylor’s Education Group and University Induction, Student Transition and Success, Teaching and Learning Support at Centre For Future Learning.

  2. University Teaching and Learning: A comprehensive overview of the culture and context of teaching and learning at Taylor’s. This encompasses the Taylor’s Teaching and Learning Framework, Taylor’s Graduate Capabilities & Life Skills Development, Your TIMeS Begins, Integrating Technology into the Classroom, Managing & Appreciating Learner’s Diversity & Academic Policies.

Feedback from participants:

  • “Very interesting and insightful session. Keep up the good work.”
  • “Great training. Engaging and had a lot of useful discussion with the trainer.”
  • “Informative and engaging”

Support for Academics who are new to teaching: Post-Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning 
The Post-Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning (PGCTL), offered by the Taylor’s School of Education, is designed for newly appointed academics that do not possess a relevant teaching qualification and have less than two years of teaching experience. Such appointees must complete this programme within their first two years of employment. Other academic staff at Taylor’s University may enroll in the programme if there are places available and if they are supported in doing so by their Head of School.

Support for Tutors & Supervisors : Post-Graduate Tutor Development Programme & Post-Graduate Supervision Training Programme
The Post-Graduate Tutor Development Programme is designed to equip tutors with essential skill sets to provide educational facilitation and support to undergraduate students under the supervision of an experienced lecturer.
The Post-Graduate Supervision Training Programme is designed to equip supervisors, both new and experienced, with important skill sets and the guidelines needed to supervise post-graduate students successfully. This programme covers not only policies, procedures, university support, ethics and academic integrity, but also includes a toolkit to effective supervision such as managing student emotions, giving constructive feedback and building relationships.