The Teaching Engagement Scale (TES) is a customized web-based system designed for a lecturer’s professional development through the collection of feedback from 4 key stakeholders – the self, the majority of students, superior and peer. Every cycle, the TES collects feedback on lecturer teaching engagement from more than 13,000 stakeholders across Taylor’s.
The TES is a bold, unique teaching evaluation system as it incorporates multiple views - the peer, superior and the lecturer’s self-reflection - into one comprehensive, 360º report. This multi-faceted report empowers lecturers in identifying strengths, as well as growth areas, which can be supported by further training and development

This innovative approach to teaching feedback produces a balanced, specific and data-driven identification of strengths and areas of improvement that the teacher can use for effective professional development. When professional development is effective, it leads to higher quality teaching, which is vital for student success.
The TES has been implemented since August 2015, and as a result, Taylor’s has recorded a year-on-year increase in the quality of teaching engagement over a short period of time, proving its effectiveness in informing and empowering action for professional development.


Awards & Recognition for the TES

Gold Award, “Towards Excellence in Teaching Engagement: The Teaching Engagement Scale“, International University Carnival on E-Learning (IUCEL2016)