PTPTN (Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional Malaysia) provides education loan to students pursuing their diploma and first degree levels in local institutions of higher learning.


  1. Students who are interested to apply for PTPTN loan are REQUIRED to open a Skim Simpanan Pendidikan Nasional (SSPN) account with a minimum deposit of RM20 at any PTPTN branches/counter or at Maybank.
  2. Applicable to Malaysian citizens only and aged not more than 45 years old on the date of the application.
  3. Have received offer for admission to Taylor’s University, and meeting the entry requirement of the programme determined by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA).
  4. The programme applied must have the approval of the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) and is registered with PTPTN.
  5. The programme applied must have the Certificate of Accreditation from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and still within the validity period on the date of application.
  6. The applicant must be a FULL TIME diploma or first degree student at Taylor’s University/ Taylor’s College.
  7. The applicant cannot have any other sponsor/s (eg. JPA or MARA).
  8. The remaining period of study upon closing date of application, must exceed one year (12 months) and exclude extended semester(s).


NOTE: Students are responsible to settle the full fees every semester within the deadlines set by Taylor’s while waiting for the loan to be disbursed to students’ account.


Diploma – Business & Arts

Parents/Guardian Nett Monthly Income — Loan Per Annum

RM8,001 and above
50% of Maximum
RM3,400 per year
RM4,001 – RM8,000
75% of Maximum
RM5,100 per year
RM4,000 and below
BR1M Recipient (Max. loan)
RM6,800 per year


First Degree – Engineering & Science

Parents/Guardian Nett Monthly Income — Loan Per Annum

RM8,001 and above
50% of Maximum
RM7,010 per year
RM4,001 – RM8,000
75% of Maximum
RM10,520 per year
RM4,000 and below
BR1M Recipient (Max. loan)
RM14,030 per year


First Degree – Business & Arts

Parents/Guardian Nett Monthly Income — Loan Per Annum

RM8,001 and above
50% of Maximum
RM6,800 per year
RM4,001 – RM8,000
75% of Maximum
RM10,200 per year
RM4,000 and below
BR1M Recipient (Max. loan)
RM13,600 per year


First Degree – Pharmacy

Parents/Guardian Nett Monthly Income — Loan Per Annum

RM8,001 and above
50% of Maximum
RM8,500 per year
RM4,001 – RM8,000
75% of Maximum
RM12,750 per year
RM4,000 and below
BR1M Recipient (Max. loan)
RM17,000 per year


First Degree – Medicine (MBBS)

Parents/Guardian Nett Monthly Income — Loan Per Annum

RM8,001 and above
50% of Maximum
RM30,000 per year
RM4,001 – RM8,000
75% of Maximum
RM37,500 per year
RM4,000 and below
BR1M Recipient (Max. loan)
RM50,000 per year



  • Online applications can be made earliest at 30 working days before the commencement of the programme (also can be done after commencement date) but processing of the application will be based on the closing date in the PTPTN system.

  • *Online approval is a CONDITIONAL approval. Actual approval is subject to the requirements set by PTPTN.

  • Application is open throughout the year and will be processed according to the closing date for Online Submission.

  • The loan offer will be cancelled or withdrawn in the event of a mistake or falsification of information in the offer.

All students who receive the PTPTN loan must take insurance coverage. The appointment of an insurance company and payment of premium will be handled by PTPTN. The amount will be automatically deducted from the total approved loan.

  • The loan disbursement will be credited directly to the student's personal CIMB Bank saving account. (Students should check their bank account within the mentioned time period, estimated 1 to 2 months after the closing date of Agreement submission. Any changes are subject to PTPTN's discretion.)
  • Payments are made twice per academic year during the 2 long semesters.
  • Subsequent payments will be made after PTPTN receives confirmation from Taylor's University that the student is progressing to the next semester and has scored no less than GPA 2.00/4.00 or PASS in the previous semester.
  • Short semester and internship semester are not covered.
  • Students on Student Exchange programme will not receive the loan disbursement after returning to Malaysia, but will continue to receive the loan with the following semester's results meeting the requirement. 

The disbursement of loan will be suspended for the following reasons:

  • Student obtained less than GPA 2.00/4.00 or FAIL in the previous semester.
  • Student defers his/her studies.
  • Student on Student Exchange programme.


  1. Repayment of the loan must be made to PTPTN after 12 months of completion of studies without waiting for the letter of claim from PTPTN.
  2. The monthly administrative cost will be charged starting from the 13th month.
  3. Deferment of repayment can be considered for borrowers who continue their studies, by submitting an application to PTPTN. However, the administrative cost will be charged during the period of deferment.
  4. Administrative cost will be waived if the loan is fully repaid within the 12 months period (after completion of studies).
  5. Exemption of loan repayment will be considered for students who obtained First Class Honours (Degree Programme ONLY) in their academic achievement by submitting an application to PTPTN (Terms & Conditions apply). 

For further information, please contact the Taylor’s University Campus Central (Block A, Level 2):

Ms Azurah Mahat

Tel: 03-5629 5026 / 5027 / 5891

Alternatively, you can contact the PTPTN HOTLINE at 03-2193 3000 or visit here for detailed information.

The source of information for this brochure is derived from PTPTN and it is subject to changes without prior notice. All the information made known to Taylor’s University is correct at the time of printing and Taylor’s University shall not be held liable for any changes / amendments made by PTPTN thereafter.

  1. How do I submit my PTPTN Loan Application? 

    You must submit your loan application via the PTPTN website within the deadline given by clicking on the "YA" button. Upon approval, agreement and copy documents must be submitted to any PTPTN  branch/counter in Selangor within 14 days from the date of the approval on the agreement.

  2. Does PTPTN provide loan to student to pursue their studies overseas?

    No, PTPTN Loan is only offered to Malaysian students studying in Malaysia.

  3. Can PTPTN Loan repayment be shortened or extended for another few years?

    PTPTN repayment perioud can be shortened but cannot be extended. Payment completed within six months after completion of studies will not be charged any interest.

  4. What are the conditions permissible for me to extend my loan period?

    PTPTN only allows the following:
    • Changes in course structure, which lengthen the entire duration of the course.
    • The loan period is shorter than the course duration.
    • Health problems

  5. Am I eligible for the remaining loan if I complete my studies earlier than the actual completion date?

    The loan is only duration of completion of studies, be it at an earlier date or the normal completion period. The repayment claim is based on the total loan you have received including administrative costs.

  6. I was given a loan to fund my diploma studies. Upon completion, I would like to continue with my Degree programme. Can i re-apply for the PTPTN Loan?

    Yes, you may re-apply for the PTPTN Loan for your degree programme. Your Diploma loan will be put on hold and automatically accumulated with your Degree loan.

  7. What should i do if change/transfer out from my present programme?

    You must cancel the PTPTN loan by completing the "Borang Pembatalan Perjanjian dan Penolakan Pembiayaan Pendidikan PTPTN", submit to PTPTN before applying for a new loan ( subject to change by PTPTN ).

  8. Does PTPTN provide conversion from loan to scholarship?

    Conversion from loan to scholarhsip will be considered for students who obtained First Class Honours in their academi achievement by submitting an application direct to PTPTN ( Terms & Conditions apply ).



1. Before Application

  • Purchase PIN number from Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) (RM5)
  • Open a Savings Account at CIMB Bank
  • Open an SSPN account at PTPTN One Stop Centre or at Maybank


2. To Do Online Application

  • Go to PTPTN website
  • Fill in and complete the online application form
  • Click "YA" once completed filling in all details
  • Wait for online approval (check in PTPTN website 6 working days after the closing date of the online application)


3. Stage 1 Approval: Online Approval

  • Download the Agreement from PTPTN website and print out two sets
  • Read all the terms and conditions, sign and paste setem hasil of RM10 on each set of agreement
  • Submit two sets of completed agreements together with “Cetak Maklumat” & “Letter of Offer” from Taylor’s to any PTPTN branch/counter in Selangor (subject to change by PTPTN).
  • The 2 sets agreement and supporting documents must reach PTPTN within 14 days from the date of the approval on the agreement


4. Stage 2 Approval: After PTPTN Officers' Verification

  • PTPTN received Agreements (Process checking documents)
  • Applications that do not meet all the requirements will be rejected
  • PTPTN will instruct payment to successful applicants within 14 days after verification
  • Student will receive 1st disbursement of loan after 1 week of the instruction. (Student to check CIMB saving)


5. After Receiving Semester Results (Every Semester)

  • Campus Central will compile all results and submit to PTPTN
  • PTPTN will disburse subsequent payment to students who meet the average passing mark of the programme


6. After Completion of Programme

  • PTPTN will send a letter/final statement for loan repayment
  • Student to check PTPTN website for more information on the repayment method
  • Student to start paying back the loan to avoid being blacklisted
  • Students with Degree First Class Honours, may submitan application direct to PTPTN for exemption. (Terms & conditions apply)


NOTE: Students who require more information may download a copy of the PTPTN Study Loan Guidelines & Procedures booklet from the Campus Central Portal ( > Fees & Finance > PTPTN