The Centre For Future Learning ensures the provision of relevant, innovative, and excellent teaching and learning experiences at Taylor's. This mandate emanates from Taylor’s commitment to become one of the leading teaching and learning institutions in the region. 


Our mission is to ensure the provision of relevant, innovative, and holistic teaching and learning experiences for all. We are committed to supporting the University, schools, and individual academic staff in transforming teaching and learning to achieve excellence in teaching and learning quality.


Through close collaboration with stakeholders, we actively engage in every phase of curriculum design and development. Our concerted efforts are aimed at enhancing the overarching academic excellence of the university. By working together, we ensure that the educational journey provided maintains a high standard, reflecting the collective commitment to delivering a comprehensive and impactful learning experience.

Empowering Excellence

Support the development of new and existing programme designs aligned with Taylor's Curriculum Framework. Follow regulatory guidelines, academic policies, evidence-based methods, and guiding principles to enhance programme value.

Strengthening Programme Competitiveness

Regularly review pertinent academic policies within the ongoing reflection and action planning process. This ensures sustained strategic alignment, relevance, and program competitiveness.

Elevating Learning Experience

Advocate for exemplary practices in programme design, module development, and assessment throughout Taylor's faculties and schools.