The Centre for Counselling Services (CCS) offers a range of provisions and support to students with special needs.We offer on-going advice and support from the application stage through to graduation.


We can support and assist the student on a range of issues including: physical access, examination arrangements and additional learning support and etc. We determine and implement accommodation via the Student with Special Needs Access Plan.


CCS welcomes enquiries from students who may have any of the following special needs or impairments, as indicated in the Students with Special Needs Policy in recognition of the person’s with Disabilities Act 2008.


Learning Difficulties

Student with dyslexia, dyspraxia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).


Sensory Impairments

Student who have eyesight impairments or are blind, deaf or hearing impaired and speech impediments.


Physical Disabilities

Student who physically disabled or with mobility problems.


Mental Health Difficulties

Students are clinically diagnosed with anxiety, depression or any other mood disorders.

Medical Illnesses

Students with epilepsy, diabetes, heart condition or other illnesses.


Multiple Disabilities

Students with Autism spectrum disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome and pervasive developmental disorders.



Student who studies at university or pre university level below the stipulated age.

Student's Responsibilities


Prospective students are required to disclose their special needs on the application form to ensure that Taylor’s can make provisions for their needs. Please visit Campus Central Portal for more information about the services.

Taylor’s University places significant emphasis on being inclusive by providing adequate disability access all over campus. Wheelchair ramps are built at many areas on campus not only to smoothen the logistics of those who have limited mobility, but also to enhance their morale and self-esteem.

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The library is committed to providing equal access to its services and facilities for all users. The library offers a variety of services to persons with disabilities designed to enhance their ability to use the library fully and independently.

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Most lecture theatres, classrooms, computer labs, science labs offers step-free access. There are also designated spaces for wheelchair users within the lecture theatre(s). If there is a need to go on stage, wheelchair ramp is also available at certain lecture theatres as well as The Grand Hall for Graduation or other events.

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Overview of the surau at Taylor's Univeraity

Recognising the importance of prayer performing among Muslims, Taylor’s prepares accessible prayer rooms for Muslims to perform their daily prayer. The ablution area in the prayer room is modified to enable wheelchair users to comfortably perform their ablution ritual before prayer. 


Our services are available from Monday to Friday, 8am - 6pm


Centre for Counselling Services (CCS)

Block A, Level 2, Taylor's University Lakeside Campus
Call: 03-5629 5022 /5024 /5025 /6791