Taylor's Continues to Ascend Among Asia’s Best, ranks 41 in the latest Asia University Rankings

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08 Nov 2023

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The Taylor's Team (Editor)


Unrivaled Asia's Top 50

Subang Jaya, 8 November 2023 – Taylor's University has once again soared to new heights, securing a distinguished 41 position in the latest QS Asia University Rankings 2024. This achievement reaffirms the university's steadfast commitment to excellence, solidifying its status as the number one private university in Southeast Asia and claiming a coveted spot within the top 50 list of Asia’s most elite universities.


This exceptional progress is marked by significant growth in 5 key indicators, including International Research Number, Citations per Paper, Faculty-Student Ratio, International Faculty and Academic Reputation.


Professor Michael Driscoll, Vice Chancellor and President of Taylor’s University, commented, "This accomplishment attests to the exceptional quality of the university's academic programmes, effective teaching methods, and the dedication of our faculty and accomplished students."


Highlighting the profound significance of Taylor's recent success, he described it as a pivotal moment for the university, particularly as the institution advances its mission to deliver purposeful learning within its curriculum. "As we navigate our path into the future, we remain resolute in expanding the boundaries of education and continuing our commitment to offering innovative, purpose-driven learning experiences that prepare our students for success in a rapidly evolving world,” he said.

Purposeful Learning

Taylor's University is known for its transformative Multidisciplinary Learning Experience (MLE) that blends various subjects to create innovative programmes. As a pioneering institution to offer MLE approach built upon the esteemed Taylor's Curriculum Framework, it mandates multidisciplinary projects across undergraduate programmes, emphasising its commitment to preparing graduates for meaningful and diverse careers.


This approach reflects the university's dedication to equipping graduates with industry-relevant skills and a drive for positive change. Recent global events highlight the importance of addressing contemporary challenges, such as technological advancement, globalisation, demographic shifts, and climate change. A multidisciplinary approach is essential for understanding and effectively addressing these complex issues.

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