The International Family Enterprise Centre (IFEC) is the first ever centre of excellence in Malaysia that is devoted to empowering the community of business families in preserving generational family legacy and advancing knowledge on family business management.

The centre serves as a platform advocating and facilitating business families around the world for peer-learning, networking and growth. In guiding generational business families, we disseminate body of knowledge on family business through advocacy initiatives, education, and research publications.



Dr Feranita
Expertise: Family business, entrepreneurship, university-industry collaborations, and innovation
Justin Yap Zhi Hao
Expertise: Project management, digital content, marketing


Dr Thanuja Rathakrishnan
Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Small and medium sized businesses
Dr Nelvin Leow XeChung
Expertise: Travel behavior modelling, smart mobility, road traffic sustainability, and environmental management
Dr Thivashini B Jaya Kumar
Expertise: International business, Service marketing and consumer behavior
Dr Lin Woon Leong
Expertise: Sustainability, ESG
Dr Serene Yong Jing Yi
Expertise: Strategic human resource management, intellectual capital, and sustainability
Business Advisory Board


The advisory board plays a pivotal role in guiding and shaping the strategic direction of the centre. Comprised of accomplished professionals, industry experts, and experienced practitioners, the advisory board brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Working closely with the centre's leadership,  the advisory board provide valuable perspectives and recommendations on key decisions and initiatives.

Dato Loy Teik Ngan

Executive Chairman, Taylor's Education Group, Malaysia

Mr Yong Yoon Li 

Managing Director, Royal Selangor, Malaysia

Dr Johnben Loy

Founder & Clinical Director, Rekindle Centre for Systemic Therapy, Malaysia

Mr Alvin Yap

Managing Director, A.D. Financial Group, Malaysia

Dr Roy Mouawad

Founding CEO, Lurning, Barcelona, Spain

Academic Advisory Board

Professor Alfredo De Massis

Free University of Bolzano, Bolzano, Italy; Lancaster University, UK; and IMD, Switzerland

Professor Mathew (Mat) Hughes

Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of Leicester, UK



Associate Professor Vanessa Ratten

La Trobe University, Australia

Professor Julio Diéguez Soto

University of Malaga, Spain

Assistant Professor Emanuela Rondi

University of Bergamo, Italy

Dr Simone Corsi

Loughborough University, UK

Doctoral Researchers

Our PhD students actively contribute to the research efforts of the International Family Enterprise Centre (IFEC). They play an integral role in exploring various aspects of family business, generating valuable insights, and advancing the knowledge base within the field.

Through their dedication and expertise, our PhD students actively participate in conducting rigorous research studies, analyzing data, and uncovering key findings that contribute to the growth and development of the IFEC.

Lala Irviana

Research Area: family business, emotions, family values

Nilantha Perera

Research Area: entrepreneurship, decision-making, cognition

Noor Dasrafeezal Bin Abdul Shukur

Research Area: strategy, crisis communication

Yap Chuan Xin

Research Area: entrepreneurship, startup, crowd funding

Lim Yingying

Research Area: behavioural finance, FinTech, alternative finance, entrepreneurship.

Bongile Lungile Lucia Dlamini

Research Area: credit access, SMEs, information asymmetry 



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  • Vision: To inspire a community of Nextgen that co-creates networks and collaboration in the world of family business.
  • Mission: To establish a world-class network of students, alumni and mentors who are Nextgen of family business by providing opportunities for engagement, collaboration and knowledge transfer. 


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