Established in 1998, Taylor’s School of Computer Science offers a range of career-focused programmes from diploma, degree and postgraduate programmes, where graduates continue to meet industry standards, filling out the talent pool in ICT. Our motto, “Driving Innovation Through Technology” aims to provide students with ample opportunities to influence the future of the modern world  - pioneering the frontiers of Computing and Information Technology with a positive impact on society.

Our industry relevant curriculum is a result of a comprehensive practical content using relevant and latest learning computer science technology, a conducive environment and multiple strong collaborations including close ties to the industry, professional bodies, government agencies, and academia. With these valuable partnerships, the School encourages and enables students to undertake innovative projects in its quest to nurture budding technopreneurs. 

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Dual Award

Equal certification from Taylor’s University and the University of the West of England (UWE), UK, with the option to transfer to UWE in the final year.


The School encourages and enables students to undertake innovative projects in its quest to nurture their ambitions, be it as a budding technopreneur, computer scientist, or business analyst

Smart Partnerships

Strategic alliances with industry partners facilitate dynamic knowledge exchange, enabling our students to reap the rewards of these collaborations.

Premier Digital Tech University

The Premier Digital Tech Institutions provide an optimum ecosystem to prepare graduates to meet industry expectations.


Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours)

Learn the capability to design, develop, integrate and maintain computer applications and systems, as well as innovation in the application of computer solutions and technology. (Specialisation : Data Science | Cloud Computing | Cyber Security | Mobile Computing | Block Chain )

Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours)

Design, analyse and manage complex systems involving multiple engineering disciplines, combining theory and practical approaches to software engineering.

Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours)

Learn to combine theory and hands-on practice to develop Internet applications, harness e-commerce technologies, support information retrieval, and configure networks and databases. (Specialisation : Internet Technologies | Business Intelligence and Analytics | Game Design)

Data Science

Data Science is a professional field that involves machine learning and the methods, concepts, and tools used to make sense out of data that is available in various forms through inquiry and analysis.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a professional field that covers the fundamental concepts underlying the construction of secure systems that includes Information, Hardware and Software and Networks.

Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing is a technical field that covers the design, development and evaluation of mobile applications using appropriate solutions that meet user requirements.

Internet Technologies

Internet Technologies is a technical field that covers the necessary skills to develop applications on the Internet or Internet based systems, harnessing e-commerce, cloud, mobile, and Web based technologies.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA) is the study of techniques and tools to gather information, organise data and interpret it to support business decision making.

Game Design

Game Design draws from the fields of computer science and programming, creative writing, psychology and graphic design. Game designers are responsible for designing characters, game rules, game environments, puzzles, art and animation.

Master of Applied Computing (Coursework)

The Master of Applied Computing (MAC) programme is committed to educating the next generation of world-class innovators.

Master of Computer Science

This research programme facilitates students to acquire advanced knowledge and skills in seeking computing solutions to organization’s or societal needs.

Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science

Get a strong grounding on algorithmic foundations of computing and endeavour scientific research in these fields with Taylor’s PhD in Computer Science.

Master of Applied Computing

The Master of Applied Computing (MAC) programme is committed to educating the next generation of world-class innovators. 


Taylor's University offers our students with wide options of overseas transfer from our computer science university, Malaysia to meet their unique learning profiles.



Taylor's University offers our students with customisable education pathways to meet their unique learning profiles.

Student will able to get exclusive and personalised learning experiences as they progress in their education toward graduation.


Mac Lab

The Mac Lab is equipped with the latest industry standard design software and hardware.

Multimedia Lab

Eequipped with powerful machines that allow students to work on 3-dimensional (3D) and animation projects.


A learning hub for students and makers alike to gather and collaborate on creating industry solutions in line with the SDG's



We work with our industry partners to ensure that our programmes are up-to-date and relevant with current IT industry practices and requirements. Our industry partners also assist in providing students with the opportunity for internships. They also organise seminars that feature expert speakers to help impart insight and industry trends to our students. They include: