Taylor’s School of Education adopts a holistic education system, aiming to be a world-class teacher training institution by developing competent and qualified educators who can further inspire future generations. With opportunity to teach in private international schools locally and internationally, we are the only private university offering a degree for primary education in private and international schools worldwide. 


Foundations In Arts (FIA)

Taylor’s Foundation in Arts offers one of the widest range of educational pathways, designed to provide students with early exposure to various fields.

Bachelor Of Education (Hons)

Gain practical and professional knowledge, skills and predispositions of primary school teaching with Taylor’s bachelor of education.

Postgraduate Certificate In Teaching & Learning (Coursework)

Get prepared for a second career option with Taylor's Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching & Learning and be a Google Certified Educators.

Master Of Teaching & Learning (Coursework)

Develop an independent thinking approach and a unique expertise in research interests with Taylor’s Doctor of Philosophy in Education.

Doctor of Philosophy (Education) (Research)

Gain core pedagogical knowledge, learning area studies and reflective practice courses with Taylor’s Master in Teaching and Learning.