We nurture and develop students’ entrepreneurial capabilities, and instilling the right foundation in sustaining their business growth by exposing them to real-life scenario and industry-relevant experiences that enhances student engagement. Our programmes are recognised and qualifies for exemptions from professional bodies and our students will also receive equal ecognition and certification from both Taylor’s University and the University of the West of England (UWE), UK, with the option to transfer to UWE in the final year.


Taylor’s Business Foundation

Get equipped with essential knowledge and skills through industry-relevant experiences that enhances student’s entrepreneurial capabilities.

Foundation In Arts (FIA)

Offering one of the widest range of educational pathways, this programme provides exposure to a clearer direction and a better understanding of the field of arts.

Diploma In Business

Learn fundamental business skills, with a central focus on instilling a global mindset as well as creative and critical thinking, set in an experiential learning environment.

Bachelor of Business (Hons)

Be equipped with in-depth understanding of business administration concepts and practices, which encompasses all aspects of owning and operating a business.

Bachelor of Business (Hons) International Business & Marketing

Learn core concepts, practices and techniques of conducting business across the world, with a strong focus on marketing functions in organisations with international operations.

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Accounting & Finance

Gain an in depth understanding in all areas of accounting and finance, including financial accounting, assurance, taxation, corporate finance and financial management.

Bachelor of Business (Hons) Banking & Finance

Learn about banking and finance concepts as well as knowledge and skills that allow for practical application in the modern-day workplace.

Bachelor of Business (Hons) Finance & Economics

Understand economic behavior, financial markets, international policies and an extensive knowledge of the financial sector.

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Actuarial Studies

Become analytical problem solvers trained to calculate and manage financial risk with actuarial studies.

Taylor’s MBA (Master In Business Administration) (Coursework)

Our curriculum combines personalised leadership development with a strategised multidisciplinary approach to provide a foundation in business knowledge, insights, and skills.

Master In Management (Coursework)

Gain solid knowledge in business and economics, and specialist training in organisational management.

Master In Finance (Coursework)

Gain a solid understanding of financial management principles and their application to corporate financial policy, as well as financial markets.

Doctor of Philosophy (Business) (Research)

Acquire advanced research skills for exploring scientific knowledge in different functional areas of business and gain expansive freedom of intellectual thinking.