Since its establishment in 1993, Taylor's Business School has grown into one of the largest and most dynamic business schools in Malaysia, offering highly-recognised international business qualifications from Diploma to Bachelor, Master and Doctorate (PhD), as well as comprehensive continuing professional development programmes. We provide a crucial foothold for graduates to propel into the global arena, whether as future leaders of conglomerates or successful business owners.

We nurture and develop students’ entrepreneurial capabilities, and instilling the right foundation in sustaining their business growth by exposing them to real-life scenarios and industry-relevant experiences that enhances student engagement. Our programmes are recognised and qualifies for exemptions from professional bodies and our students receive equal recognition and certification from our dual award partners from University of the West of England (UWE) and Queensland University of Technology (QUT), with the option to transfer in the final year.

We are also ranked as the No. 1 in Business & Management Studies amongst all Private Universities in Malaysia in the 2019 QS World Rankings by Subject.


Dual Award

Taylor's Business School offers dual award degree programmes in collaboration with University of the West of England (UWE) & Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Recognition by Professional Bodies

Our programmes are recognised and qualifies for exemptions from professional bodies.

Learning Beyond Classroom

Students are exposed to real-life scenario and industry-relevant experiences that enhance student engagement.

Nurture Entrepreneurs

We nurture and develop students’ entrepreneurial capabilities, and instilling the right foundation in sustaining their business growth.


Diploma In Business

This programme is designed to equip students with solid business knowledge and skills, with a focus on instilling a global mindset and critical thinking, set in an experimental learning environment.

Bachelor of Business (Hons)

This programme equips students with the broad understanding of business concepts, which encompasses the entire spectrum of business from banking to international business.

Bachelor of Business (Hons) International Business & Marketing

This programme equips students with the core concepts, practices and techniques of conducting business across the world, with a strong focus on organisations with international operations.

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Accounting & Finance

This programme equips students with an in-depth understanding in all areas of accounting and finance, including financial accounting, assurance, taxation, corporate finance and financial management.

Bachelor of Business (Hons) Banking & Finance

This programme equips students with a background of banking and finance concepts, as well as knowledge and skills that allow for practical application in the modern-day workplace.

Bachelor of Business (Hons) Finance & Economics

This programme equips students with an understanding of economic behaviour and an extensive knowledge of the financial sector, drawing upon the insights of modern theories in economics and finance.

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Actuarial Studies

Actuarial Studies is the extensive study of mathematics, probability, statistics, finance and economics that trains students to calculate and manage financial risk for businesses.


Banking provides critical knowledge in financial services, developing skills and capabilities with technology, judgement and decision making in important work situations.


Economics provides understanding in economic theory and practices on the two core areas of micro and macro-economics and advanced quantitative techniques of modern economics.


Entrepreneurship develops innovation logic, intellectual and entrepreneurial skills within the context of human capital, technology, product development, finance and marketing.


Finance provides understanding of investment management, financial institutions and capital markets, economic and governance policies, risk management, data, financial technology and planning.

International Business

International Business studies public, private and not-for-profit organisations, both for SMEs and large firms, their administration practices and forms, and the changing global conditions in which they operate.


Management provides a comprehensive approach of management methods via an assortment of business case studies and learning how to apply the knowledge in practical situations.


Marketing explores customer decision-making, creating successful brands, social media marketing, risk management, design, creativity, product marketing, social responsibilities and competitive economics.

Taylor’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Coursework)

Our curriculum combines personalised leadership development with a strategised multidisciplinary approach to provide a foundation in business knowledge, insights, and skills.

Master In Management (Coursework)

Gain solid knowledge in business and economics, and specialist training in organisational management.

Master In Finance (Coursework)

Gain a solid understanding of financial management principles and their application to corporate financial policy, as well as financial markets.

Doctor of Philosophy (Business) (Research)

Acquire advanced research skills for exploring scientific knowledge in different functional areas of business and gain expansive freedom of intellectual thinking.



Taylor's University offers our students with customisable education pathway to meet their unique learning profiles.

Student will able to get exclusive and personalised learning experiences as they progress in their education toward graduation.


Bloomberg Terminals

Bloomberg terminals are used as an open source by market players and researchers throughout the world. To ensure effective authentic learning activities, we subscribe to 12 Bloomberg terminals which students download financial and non-financial data, ratios and results of local and international companies. These terminals are used by our undergraduate students from Accounting and Finance, Banking and Finance, and Finance and Economics in Year 2 & 3. These terminals are also useful for postgraduate students, particularly in completing their dissertation and thesis.